Tens of thousands in Prague say no war, sanctions

Some 70,000 people, according to police — and 120,000 per organizers’ estimate — marched in the Czech capital, Prague, on Sept. 2 to protest the Czech Republic government’s participation in the NATO-backed war in Ukraine against Russia. Under the slogan, “Czech Republic first,” the demonstrators objected to the sanctions against Russia and the heavy cost this places on the working class. They demanded the rightist regime resign.

Sept. 2 protest in Prague against Czech Republic participating in NATO- and U.S.-backed war in Ukraine.

Mass sentiment in Western Europe, which the imperialist media had bullied into accepting anti-Russia propaganda during the first months of the war, is beginning to turn against the sanctions, which threaten the working class everywhere with high heating costs and a cold winter. Besides the massive turnout in Prague, signs of opposition are taking place in Germany and France.

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