Leftist parties in Venezuela call for unity to defend the homeland against U.S. aggression

We, the political parties and social movements that are members of the Popular Anti-imperialist and Anti-fascist Front (FPAA), condemn the assault by U.S. imperialism, in partnership with the European Union and the Lima group, against our nation [Venezuela]. This onslaught represents an act of provocation and interference that threatens the sovereignty and peace of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The goals behind the aggression and robbery that animate big international capital and its local right-wing lieutenants against the national dignity and well-being of the Venezuelan people are no longer a secret. For more than half a century the U.S. big bourgeoisie, the big internal capitalist monopolies and their related parties have been taking actions against the interests of workers, peasants and communities in Venezuela and Latin America.

The imperialist assault has increased considerably in the last decades of the Venezuelan political process [the Bolivarian Revolution]. This not only includes political conspiracy, assassination and plans for national fragmentation in order to seize and occupy the oil and mining zones, but also economic sabotage, the grotesque rise in the prices of the basic food basket, the boycott of transportation, anarchy and thousands of other abuses committed daily by the pro-imperialist right wing. It is well known that for the advancement of these plans the right takes advantage of impunity and other errors committed by the government.

In recent months their plans to isolate Venezuela and carry out both economic and military provocations have entered a new phase. They seek to further tighten the blockade of the Venezuelan nation, to deliver the final blow against the Bolivarian process and its leaders.

The imperialists and their lackeys, suffocated by the enormous and prolonged underlying structural crisis that consumes them, consider that the opportune moment has come to strike at the core of the struggles of the Venezuelan people, to wreck the programs providing social services, to drive the people into a corner and remove the Bolivarian government by any means available. This is why these plotters authorized the coup d’état promoted by U.S. imperialism, the lackey governments in Latin America and the subservient anti-patriotic right wing rooted on Venezuelan soil.

The policy of intervention by coup d’état developed by the imperialist government of the United States and the European Union, with the unworthy collaboration of a series of Latin American governments, now focuses its objective on aggressive politico-military propaganda, disguised as the so-called “humanitarian aid,” which seeks to justify the invasion of our country.

We condemn the imperialist plans to pillage and privatize natural resources, publicly declared by the United States, the European Union, the Lima group, FEDECAMARAS-VENAMCHAM and the [Venezuelan National] Assembly, which exists in contempt of the law, led by Guaidó.

We, members of the FPAA, call for preparation, organization and popular mobilization; we urge the government to take a hard line against saboteurs, interveners and terrorists; immediate imprisonment for speculators; we request the application of Articles 113 and 114 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to monopoly speculators, particularly regarding the financial system.

We call for the establishment of worker-peasant-communal and popular control over the processes of production, commercialization and distribution and for the promotion of a plan of national industrialization and a true agrarian revolution that will definitively remove us from the dependence, exploitation and ruthless anti-patriotic extortion by the great historical enemies of the Venezuelan people and the world.



Communist Party Of Venezuela

Homeland for All Party

Revolutionary Labor Party

Gay Movement

Feb. 20, prensapcvwordpress.com; translation: Workers World managing editor John Catalinotto.


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