Moorehead/Lilly campaign pushes forward in Michigan

Michigan supporters of Workers World Party presidential candidate Monica Moorehead and vice presidential candidate Lamont Lilly recently learned that the two have achieved official write-in candidate status in the state. That means that the state is legally obligated to tally every vote for these two revolutionary socialists.

Getting official status involved locating a supporter in each of 14 congressional districts who would go on record as an “elector” for Moorehead and Lilly. On Sept. 9, a delegation from Detroit Workers World Party and Fight Imperialism Stand Together accompanied Moorehead to Lansing, the state capital, to file the necessary paperwork.

Speaking in Detroit on Sept. 10, Moorehead pointed out that “Detroit has a proud place in African-American history, as exemplified by the role of African-American workers — many communists and socialists — in the forming of the UAW [United Auto Workers union], particularly at Ford.”

Michigan workers, especially workers of color, have a high stake in the fight against capitalism. As Moorehead further elaborated, “Capitalist hi-tech, low-pay restructuring resulted in layoffs of tens of thousands of good paying jobs for Black workers in disproportionate numbers. The entire inner city of Detroit has been made expendable by the bosses and especially the banks. … Detroit and similar cities like Flint, Benton Harbor, Muskegon, Saginaw and Pontiac are owed reparations to help rebuild their cities under control of the workers and community united, void of police terror.”

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