‘Stop the Saudi bombing of Yemen’

WW photo: Terri KaySan Francisco — Well over a hundred people, most from the local Yemeni community, marched and rallied on May 16 against the Saudi bombing and devastation of Yemen. They gathered at the United Nations Plaza in San Francisco, marched down Market Street to the busy shopping area at Powell Street, and then returned to the U.N. Plaza for a rally.

Their demands included: “Stop the Saudi bombing!” “No to the war on Yemen!” “No to foreign intervention or imperialist aggression!” and “Yes to self-determination of the Yemeni people!”

Marchers chanted: “Everybody knows who we are! We are Yemeni! We’ll stop the Saudis!” and (rough translation of an Arabic language chant) “With our soul, with our blood, we’ll redeem you, Yemen!”

“The Bay Area is home to one of the largest Yemeni communities in the U.S.,” according to the “Stop the War on Yemen” Facebook event page. “While their families are struggling to survive this devastation, they are calling on all to stand against sectarianism, support their struggle for self-determination against foreign intervention and imperialist wars.

“The action is organized by a diverse group of Yemeni community members.”

The event was facilitated by, but not called by, the Arab Resource Organizing Center.

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