A salute to immigrants & the Solidarity Caravan!

A grim new project near the Texas- Mexico border sheds light on the horrors of Washington’s immigration policy. Students are exhuming remains from mass graves of unknown individuals who have perished over the last decade crossing the border on foot. Most died simply for lack of water. The students hope to eventually be able to notify the families after DNA identification has been made.

We salute the Solidarity Caravan to the Mexico and Texas Borders that is embarking from New York on Oct. 10. The activists will be driving for 12 days to raise funds for the South Texas Human Rights Center, to help it provide water stations for desperate immigrants who are forced to risk their lives crossing the desert on foot because of the exclusionary and heartless U.S. government stance on migration.

The Solidarity Caravan will also be stopping along the way to raise consciousness about the epidemic of poverty and the trampling on nations’ sovereignty by the U.S. that is pushing so many to leave their homes and homelands in search of work and security.

It is a global phenomenon that corresponds to the widening global gap between rich and poor — with the wealth derived from natural resources and human labor being transferred from the vast majority to a handful of super-wealthy families.

Projects like the Solidarity Caravan help build the friendship and trust between peoples of different nationalities and backgrounds that is needed to turn this situation around and transfer political power to the majority — to the working class, rather than the corporations, the banks and their political agents.

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