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Build workers’ assemblies!

By November 24, 2014
Steven CeciWW photo: Brenda Ryan

Talk given by Steven Ceci at the 2014 National Conference of Workers World Party in New York City. First, I would like to congratulate Comrade Tommy for his courageous decision as a McDonald’s worker to go on strike and be arrested. We also want to salute the Walmart workers who, this past Thursday, took the […]


The struggle for $15 an hour in Los Angeles

By November 22, 2014
John ParkerWW photo: Brenda Ryan

Excerpts from the talk given by John Parker at the 2014 Workers World Party National Conference in New York City. This $15-an-hour ballot initiative in Los Angeles is about changing the relationship between capital and labor by establishing powerful workers’ assemblies throughout the country. In Los Angeles, it could strongly continue to empower low-wage workers […]


In Los Angeles: My experiences working on $15 an hour initiative

By November 6, 2014
Sara Benjamin with her daughter Imari.WW photo: Sharon Black

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for the “$15 Minimum Wage” campaign, which includes a ballot initiative that demands a livable minimum wage of $15 an hour for the city of Los Angeles, to take effect immediately after it’s passed. The campaign also supports the struggle of low-wage workers for a union. […]


On the picket line

By August 22, 2014

Kellogg ordered to end lockout On July 30, a federal judge ordered Kellogg to end its union-busting lockout of 226 workers at its Memphis cereal plant, reinstate their jobs by Aug. 4 and bargain with Bakery union (BCTGM) Local 252G in good faith. Kellogg locked the workers out on Oct. 22 because they refused changes […]


Confrontation in Los Angeles

By July 16, 2014
WW photo: Gloria Verdieu

On July 13, the day after the massive pro-Palestinian, pro-Gaza demonstration in Los Angeles, area Zionist supporters of the murderous, ongoing Israeli assault on the people of Gaza staged their own rally. Palestinian activists and supporters came out once again to confront them and, to the consternation of the Zionists across the street, raised their […]


Widespread solidarity with Gaza shown across U.S.

By July 14, 2014
New York

July 14 — As the Israeli bombing assault murdered what is now approaching 200 people in Gaza, about three-quarters of them civilians according to United Nations estimates, and with the Israeli army poised for a land invasion, people in solidarity with Palestine and against the Israeli war held demonstrations across the United States from Boston to […]


Rakiba Brown, ¡Presente!

By May 10, 2014
Rakiba Brown at International Women’s Day speakout, March 8.WW photo: Tom Michalak

The life of revolutionary activist Rakiba Brown was remembered at a memorial celebration May 3 at Central United Methodist Church in Detroit. Friends and community activists from this city and around the world were shocked and deeply saddened to learn of her death on March 21 at the age of 61. Born Gloria Elena Brown […]


Los Angeles activists plan car caravan for low-wage workers

By April 16, 2014
Los Angeles activists, April 12.WW photo: Scott Scheffer

A “Low-Wage Campaign” community speakout was held April 12 in Los Angeles at the Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice, which houses the International Action Center. In spite at least two other compelling and competing events, the speakout was well attended, with calls for solidarity with low-wage workers and to raise the minimum wage to […]


Protests demand U.S. hands off Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela

By March 21, 2014
San DiegoWW photo: Carl Rices

In response to a call from the International Action Center, demonstrations, outreach and other actions took place in cities and areas across the United States in mid-March to demand U.S. hands off Venezuela and no U.S. intervention in Ukraine or Russia. These actions also countered the lies and distortions of the big-business-owned media regarding the […]


New York community activists tell mayor: Bratton must go!

By February 6, 2014
Charles Barron calls for firing of police commissioner.WW photo: Greg Butterfield

Activists, community members and families of police brutality victims held a news conference at City Hall on Feb. 4 to respond to claims by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton that the problem of stop-and-frisk — the massive racial profiling program especially targeting Black and Latino/a youth — has been solved. “Just […]