2018 Call to Action: Days of Rage Against Trump and Capitalism

Since January 20th 2017, our class has been under attack with ICE raids, state repression, killer cops and deep cuts into what’s left of our social safety net. Hundreds of activists are facing felony charges for protesting against this racist misogynist regime. Tens of thousands of families are being deported or incarcerated for simply being born. The drive for war goes faster and we all get poorer.

We don’t have to live like this. The Democrats have shown they can’t save us. They can’t even defend an election they say was stolen from them. Across the country, we are tirelessly mobilizing against white supremacy, war and capitalism. It’s only by getting organized, putting the ruling class on notice and making our people power known that we have any hope of fightback.

In solidarity with our Palestinian comrades and friends who have called for their days of rage, J20Resist calls for days of rage against Trump and capitalism from January 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, through January 20, the anniversary Trump’s inauguration. We will fight for our lives by taking to the streets across the country to address the core problem of all our miseries: a regime that arrests us, dispossesses us, poisons us, bashes us, evicts us, and kills us.