PFLP praises Cuba

Cubans march in solidarity with Palestine, Havana, November 2023.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Central Media Department issued the following statement on June 22, 2024, on Resistance News Network. 

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine appreciates the announcement by the Republic of Cuba to join the lawsuit filed by South Africa against the “israeli” occupation in the International Court of Justice. 

They describe it as an important and courageous step that reaffirms Cuba’s historic, steadfast and supportive stance on the rights of the Palestinian people. 

Cuba’s joining of this lawsuit represents a qualitative addition to the efforts seeking to prosecute the Zionist entity for the genocidal crimes it continues to commit in the Gaza Strip and to continue the pressure to stop this destructive war waged with U.S. and Western partnership. 

The Front calls on all countries supporting the rights of the Palestinian people to emulate Cuba’s step and join international efforts aimed at condemning the occupation for committing genocide and prosecuting its leaders and all those involved with them from Western leaders in the International Criminal Court as a step towards delegitimizing this rogue Zionist entity. 

This statement was lightly edited.


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