From Kolkata, India
Unite to end war and save Palestine

By Provash Ghosh

Provash Ghosh, general secretary of the Socialist Unity Center of India (Communist), sent this message to the Lenin Centennial, held in New York City on Jan. 21.

Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of the centennial of the death of the great Lenin, remembering his teachings is of paramount importance. He taught us that this is an era of imperialism, war and proletarian revolutions. It shows the basic cause for the present problems of the world. In this era it is imperialism that generates war, and the proletarian revolutions will be its antithesis, and they need to be accelerated if we really mean to end all wars in the world.

As long as the world socialist camp led by the Soviet Union existed, it acted as the citadel of world peace. In 1956, the Soviet Union could stop the threat of imperialist attack during the Suez Canal crisis. Today that camp is absent, after the dismantling of socialism due to the conspiracy of the internal forces who were opposed to socialism and the external bourgeois forces. Had that camp been there today, Israel could not have let loose the barbarity on the Palestinians.

SUCI(C) protest in Kolkata, India. Nov. 2, 2023.

World imperialism-capitalism is resorting to local and partial wars, because it is embroiled in an ever increasing and ever-lasting severe crisis, as was foretold by the great Lenin: “Imperialism is the moribund stage of capitalism.” In fact, the world capitalist imperialist system is entangled in endless recession due to continuous squeezing of the purchasing power of the people, which results in shrinking the market.

So we witness the closure of thousands of industries, retrenching of billions of workers, replacing permanency of jobs with temporary contractual laborers, outsourcing, using bonded labor, etc. To come out of recession, an artificial market is created through increasing militarization of the economy, as told by the great Stalin, that provides expansion of the weapons market, ultimately leading to wars.

Recently we saw war in Ukraine and now in Gaza. The war field may shift from one region to another, but the basic cause for it remains the same.

The barbaric attack on Palestine by Israel is backed overtly by U.S. imperialists and their allies, resulting in the slaughtering of thousands of people, including children, women, and destroying villages, towns with homes, schools, hospitals.
A world peace movement conducive to proletarian revolutions is the call of the hour.

Our party is with you expressing solidarity with the forces fighting to stop war and save Palestine. On this death centenary of great Lenin, let us all unite to end war and save Palestine.

With Revolutionary Greetings,
Provash Ghosh, General Secretary
Socialist Unity Center of India (SUCI)

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