Palestinian groups call for emergency global actions against Israeli genocide

Palestinian organizations working together in the resistance issued the following statement Feb. 15, 2024, calling for global actions Feb. 16-18 in response to the Zionist aggression and the genocidal war against the Palestinian people. It was posted by the Resistance News Network.  

O our steadfast Palestinian people, O masses of our Islamic and Arab nation, O free people of the world everywhere: 

Amid the escalating genocide war and starvation waged by the Nazi enemy against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, its threats to expand the aggression and war on Rafah – which shelters about a million and a half citizens – posing a threat to Egypt’s sovereignty and national security, the ongoing violations in the West Bank and occupied Al-Quds, and the extremist Nazi government’s insistence on executing annexation, expansion, and forced displacement plans, and liquidating the refugee issue through the systematic targeting of UNRWA, the Palestinian factions call on our people, the masses of our Arab and Islamic nation, and all the free people and supporters of justice and rights in the world to launch the widest popular campaign to reject aggression and demand an end to the war and thwart plans for genocide and starvation. 

We urge Arab and Islamic governments to take urgent action and apply the necessary political pressure at the international level to stop the aggression and confront the enemy’s plans. 

We also call on Arab, Islamic, international parties and forces that support the Palestinian people to take their role and fulfill their duties to protect the Palestinian cause and not leave the Palestinian people alone to face all this Zionist terrorism and racism filled with hatred and instruments of killing and destruction. 

We make a call from the heart of Palestine, amidst the siege and destruction, to consider Friday, Feb. 16, 2024, as a global national day to support the Palestinian right in all Arab and Islamic countries, and Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 17-18, as global days to support the Palestinian people in all European, Western, Latin American, and East Asian countries. 

The movement of masses, parties, and currents in various countries around the world is capable of creating pressure and impact, capable of changing the positions of governments and countries to contain this Zionist Nazi terrorism. Therefore, we appeal to all forces, parties, trade and parliamentary unions everywhere to take their role, fulfill their responsibility, and affirm their alignment with the Palestinian cause and stand by the Palestinian people who are subjected to the most horrific massacres, crimes, and destructive wars. 

We call on our people to unite and stand together against the projects of displacement and the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, to hold onto our land, preserve it, and head to the areas we were expelled from on the path of return to Palestine. We praise the legendary patience and steadfastness of our people, their support, and embrace of the resistance and its heroic performance. 

We also call on our people in the West Bank, Al-Quds, and the occupied Palestinian lands to mobilize and confront the occupation in all arenas. We praise the valiant performance of the resistance on multiple fronts, especially in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, and call for its continuation until the aggression is repelled from our people. 

Mercy for the martyrs, healing for the wounded, freedom for the prisoners, victory for our steadfast people and their valiant resistance. 

The statement was lightly edited. 

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