Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Calls for ‘unified Palestinian stance’ against Zionist aggression

The Central Media Department of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued a call to action on the Resistance News Network on Nov. 25, 2023.

The resistance is ready for all possibilities, including the renewal of aggression, and it has many strong cards.

The Zionist enemy succumbed to the resistance’s conditions by accepting the temporary truce, which is not a substitute for the complete cessation of aggression.

The Zionist enemy yielded to the conditions of the resistance by accepting the temporary truce, after its failure to recover its prisoners through military force, despite massive destruction in infrastructure, committing brutal massacres and genocide against our people. The success of the resistance, thanks to the strength of its strikes, steadfastness and confrontation of the invading Zionist forces and its competent ground battle management, dealt a harsh blow to this arrogant enemy, forcing it to accept the truce.

The temporary truce is not a substitute for the complete cessation of aggression, the genocide or the displacement plans. The resistance is ready for all possibilities, including renewed aggression against the Strip, considering it an opportunity to inflict more losses on the occupation. It has many strong cards to impose more of its conditions for a complete cessation of aggression, liberating all female and male prisoners and breaking the siege imposed on our people.

  • The Front reiterates the need for a unified Palestinian stance to invalidate and topple the goals of the aggression and stop the genocide against our people, reflecting our people’s unity. This necessitates forming a national emergency leadership to manage the battle against the aggression both militarily and politically.
  • The Front calls for forming local and popular emergency committees to respond to the needs and calls of our people in the Gaza Strip, considering it a national and humanitarian duty to be undertaken by all formations, institutions and forces at all Palestinian sites.
  • The Front also calls for escalating Arab popular movements against the genocide and rejecting continued normalization with the Zionist entity, uprisings against the forces of aggression, particularly the United States, and the necessity of struggling to break the siege in all its forms and levels on our people in Gaza to ensure the flow of aid to all areas of the Strip and immediate entry of medical teams and rescue equipment to the Strip.
  • The Front also calls on parliamentarians and unionists from Arab countries and all forces that believe in justice and freedom to urgently reach the Gaza Strip by all available means and to hold sit-ins in solidarity with our people in the face of the ongoing genocide and massacres.
  • The Front demands the U.N. General Assembly urgently send a U.N. delegation to the Strip to witness the genocide crimes and verify the lies and claims of the occupation used to commit crimes against hospitals, shelters and civilian homes. 
  • We call on the International Criminal Court to send an international committee to document the occupation’s crimes, its genocide, massacres against our people, scenes of destruction and attacks on hospitals and public facilities, as a step towards prosecuting the leaders of the occupation and their accomplices from Western powers as war criminals.
  • The Front calls on the free people of the world to continue to demonstrate all forms of support for our people’s right to legitimate resistance and support the resistance forces in their heroic defense of our people against the ongoing genocide and aggression and to continue demonstrations and sit-ins in front of Zionist and Western embassies participating in the aggression to pressure for stopping the aggression and breaking the siege.

Cutting off all oil supplies and other routes, whether by land, air or sea, from the Zionist enemy and its supporters and partners in the genocide is an Arab, national, human and ethical duty that serves the Arab national security and is the minimum standard that the official Arab stance should aspire to.

Our people’s and resistance’s irrevocable choice is to confront the aggression, thwart its malicious goals, impose a cessation of aggression, break the siege and liberate all our prisoners from the occupation’s prisons.

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