Workers World message to ‘The International’ Marxist magazine  

Workers World newspaper congratulates Progressive Thinkers for its first year of consistent monthly publication of “The International” ( as an openly “not unbiased” communist magazine and blog. We salute the initiators of this endeavour, Debojit Banerjee, Shuvam Banerjee, Sourav Chakraborty and Gourab Ghosh, for creating a venue for members of the global communist movement to share reports on class struggles in numerous countries — and to advance the ideological battle for Marxist dialectics.

This is a tremendous accomplishment for these four young comrades, members of the All-India Students Federation, along with all the magazine’s writers.

Workers World newspaper is grateful that one of our managing editors has been able to be a contributing writer to this important publication.  

Together, by building a global classwide movement, we can help working-class and oppressed people achieve our historic task — the overturn of capitalist wage slavery and establishment of socialism worldwide  — and usher in the next phase of human history.

In solidarity,

Martha Grevatt

Managing editor, Workers World; contributing writer, The International

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