Give an incarcerated person a gift of Workers World!

“Inmates need Workers World papers. When you’re locked up, you need an intellectual light to shine through the darkness of state oppression. If you’re a free person reading this, and you care about the struggle against mass incarceration, please take out a subscription for an incarcerated person. It means more than you could possibly imagine.”

 — Makasi Motema


Workers World is an independent, revolutionary communist newspaper that began publication in 1959. We are committed to building solidarity among workers and oppressed peoples around the globe. For that reason, Workers World has always provided FREE subscriptions and other radical printed materials to incarcerated members of our class in the U.S. One in three subscribers to WW is a person who is currently behind bars — in hundreds of prisons across dozens of states.

We ask that you consider contributing to our mission of sending life-affirming, socialist analysis to our siblings behind the walls. This time of year can be especially hard on those forcibly separated from their communities. Giving the gift of connection via committed communists reporting on fighting oppression at home and abroad can help to keep the spirit of fightback alive, and it lasts longer than just through the turn of the new year. Connection to our collective struggle can be vital to those locked away from society.

Our ability to break through the walls of isolation imposed by capitalists holding the keys to these cages is made possible by your generous support. By supporting our incarcerated subscriber program, you can help us as we raise awareness and build for the abolition of prisons, jails and detention centers used to oppress our most vulnerable populations. 

Send your support to an incarcerated member of your class, the working class, today! It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Any donations directed at detainees of this rotten, racist, sexist, ableist, dehumanizing capitalist system can be made at

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