Protest for incarcerated loved ones

WW PHOTO: Joe Piette

Our incarcerated loved ones are being treated inhumanely, and their voices are not being heard. Over 4,700 people are locked in Philadelphia’s jails, more than when COVID-19 began. The majority of people incarcerated are waiting for a trial — some for over a year — in unsafe, unsanitary conditions during the COVID pandemic.

On April 30, over two dozen friends and community activists stood with families of folks imprisoned at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Institute (CFCF) to demand action to deal with the abysmal conditions at the prisons. 

Relatives of incarcerated people, as well as those recently released, described people having to endure imprisonment with no toilet paper, no edible food, mice, few chances to take showers and other outrageous conditions at CFCF and the city’s six other jail facilities. 

The Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration, #No215Jail Coalition, Philly Black Mamas of the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund and others organized the hour-long demonstration at CFCF’s main entrance.

Photo and caption by Joe Piette

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