Workers and oppressed people of the world, write to us!

Workers World recently received these two letters from friends in Bangladesh and Europe.

Dear Comrades,

Let me deliver revolutionary greetings to you and your party. I’m from Bangladesh. You’re passing a transitional period of struggle and mass uprising. I would like to proclaim solidarity from the heart of the people of Bangladesh to the heroic movement of U.S people against oppression, exploitation and injustice.

By this time you have to face your national election too. The ruling class will try to avail of the election to get rid of this people’s power. Like the whole world, Bangladeshis are also very curious about your national election. As expected, the media is busy telecasting the speeches of the two leading capitalist parties. Some of them even announced the Democratic Party as a pro-left organization. Though we know how fake this propaganda is by our past experiences.

In the meantime I’ve noticed your editorial headed “Not being Trump is not enough” published in the current issue (Aug 27) as your [Democratic National Convention] evaluation. I’ve translated it into Bengali, our mother-tongue, and sent you a copy here.

I would like to publish it in a Bengali news portal so our people know the working-class voice of the U.S, if you allow. I expect it will be helpful to strengthen the working-class solidarity of different regions.

I’m waiting for your kind reply. Red salute.

Sincerely yours,

Rashib Rahman

Former Organizing Secretary, Socialist Students’ Front



Dear Editors,

I welcome this article by Greg Dunkel on the situation to date in Martinique about environmental poisoning. The article is going straight to Martinique via Paris, where it will do so much to buoy up the spirits of our brothers and sisters there. Ninety-two percent of the population – men, women and children – are already contaminated.

With no known antidote except activism, they need to know they have our unmitigated support.

Thanks again for giving their voices a platform!

Ona Move,

Julia Wright



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