War opposition grows as protests say, ‘U.S. hands off Iran!’

June 29 — Anti-war organizations in the U.S. have responded to the Trump administration’s aggressive moves toward Iran with immediate protests and plans to hold larger actions on July 11-15 amid growing evidence that a large majority of the population opposes any new U.S. wars.

With U.S. crimes against migrants on the Southern border still fresh and with grumbling and hesitation by U.S. imperialist allies/competitors about U.S. threats against Iran before the G20 summit June 28-29,  President Donald Trump called off the illegal attack he had ordered on Iran on June 20 — and soon stepped up violations of migrants’ rights. 

Trump’s decision, reportedly made just 10 minutes before the attack was to be launched, left his anti-Iran gang in place. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton, whose public positions are ferociously hostile to the Iranian government, kept their jobs. 

More U.S. troops flying a dozen combat jets were sent to the Persian Gulf June 27. Aircraft carriers, sent to the area earlier in an attempt to intimidate Iran, will remain deployed. The U.S. cyber warfare command is boasting about their attacks on Iran’s computer systems.

These war provocations spurred immediate protests inside the U.S. the last week of June, along with plans for future protests.

In Boston, there was a demonstration June 22 involving the National Iranian American Council, Massachusetts Peace Action, the Coalition to Stop the Genocide in Yemen, New Democracy Coalition and the Green Party.  

In Washington, D.C., on June 23, CODEPINK, Popular Resistance and Answer Coalition, along with members of other secular and faith-based groups, protested in front of the White House. In San Francisco June 25, at a demonstration called by Answer, placards read, “No war or sanctions on Iran” and “Sanctions are war.”

A June 26 protest outside Philadelphia City Hall demanded: “No war on migrants! No war on Iran!” Workers World Party organizers of the action reported that a significant number at the protest were individuals passing by who stopped to listen and stayed to the end. 

In Atlanta, there was a street visibility protest June 26 demanding, “No War on Iran! End the Sanctions” called by the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition. Cars driving by kept up a steady stream of honking in support.  

In Bloomington, Ind., at a June 26 emergency protest, Indiana University College Democrats’ President Jack Parke said, “The goal of the protest is to talk about the issues of [U.S.] American militarization and also to lend our voices to say we will not support another disastrous war.” (Indiana Daily Student, June 26)

Mid-July: Coordinated national actions

The United National Antiwar Coalition puts the struggle against the impending war on Iran in a broader context. UNAC is calling for coordinated national actions from July 11 through 15, adding, “Hands Off Venezuela” as well as “Hands Off Iran” and opposing attacks on migrants, calling that part of the administration’s war at home.

There will be protests, meetings or other actions during this time in 

Albany, N.Y.; Atlanta; Boston; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; Newark, N.J.; Philadelphia;  Tulsa, Okla.; Washington, D.C.; and other places. A coalition is organizing the July 15 protest in New York City called for 5 p.m. at Herald Square, 34th Street and 6th Avenue.  

For more information, visit www.unacpeace.org.

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