Seattle protest hits ‘Homeland Security’ at Jeh Johnson speech

An angry demonstration denounced former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson’s appearance in Seattle June 18 and voiced outrage at President Donald Trump’s all-around human rights abuse and plans for mass deportations of immigrants. 

Organizers of the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) and Red de Solidaridad de Inmigrantes also outlined plans for self-defense against Homeland Security’s invasion of their homes and communities. 

The protesters exposed Johnson, who was speaking at the Seattle City Club’s annual luncheon at the state convention center, as the person who reinstated harsh border policies and family detention. They circled the convention center complex chanting: “Hey hey, ho ho, deportation has got to go!” The demonstrators slipped a banner inside and held it up in front of the stage when Johnson was speaking. It denounced immigrant detention and “kids in cages.” 

The rally was chaired by WAISN Coordinator Monserrat Padilla, and representatives from a number of organizations spoke. “Homeland Security” was exposed as a fraud whose real purpose is war against immigrant workers. 

WAISN is a statewide coalition of 150 (and growing) immigrant rights and solidarity organizations. As explained at the rally and in their literature, they “have organized teams of rapid response volunteers across the state to support our neighbors and friends in the event of an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raid or related community emergency.” In addition WAISN has a statewide hotline (1-844-RAID-REP, 1-844-724-3737) for immigrant and refugee families to report ICE/Border Patrol activity in the community.

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