In Boston pro-choice forces defy right wing

June 2 — Around 100 pro-choice activists gathered in the Boston Common to confront a group of anti-abortion extremists attempting to hold a rally and march there. The action was initiated by Boston Feminists for Liberation.

The activists took control of the Parkman Bandstand where the right wing was planning to speak. The right wingers quickly called for backup, hiding behind the police in order to set up their sound system.

An undercover police officer used pepper spray in an attempt to force an activist retreat, and seven pro-choice demonstrators were arrested over the course of the day. Witnesses reported several instances of the police allowing right-wing provocateurs to escape into the crowded park while their victims were arrested.

Despite the constantly increasing police presence protecting the right wing, pro-choice activists continued to march and hold space around the bandstand and chant “Pro-life, that’s a lie! You don’t care if women die!” and “Queer, straight, Black, white, let’s unite for abortion rights!”

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