Farm workers win big over Darigold


The United Farm Workers union just scored a big victory over 500-farm dairy producer Darigold in the Pacific Northwest. For years farm workers have been struggling at Darigold against racist and sexist harassment, along with brutal and unsafe working conditions.

The “Darigold Dozen” — 12 dairy farm workers — filed a wage and hour lawsuit against Darigold member Ruby Ridge farm in 2009. The dozen have finally won their lawsuit and will recover the wages they charge were stolen by Ruby Ridge.  Darigold has also agreed to drop its lawsuit against the UFW and the 12 individual workers, which was filed in retaliation for the workers seeking to recover their wages.

In April the UFW held a large picket line at a Starbucks shareholders’ meeting in Seattle.  Starbucks is a huge consumer of Darigold milk. Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson came to the UFW picket line and spoke out in solidarity with the workers during the Darigold struggle.

The UFW vowed in a press release that it is still continuing its fight to protect workers at Darigold from retaliation, sexual harassment and unsafe, even deadly, working conditions.


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