Reproductive freedom conference

The conference “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom” met for the 31st year on April 7-9 at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Attending were more than 1,400 mostly young, multinational, multigendered activists from many parts of the country.

Resistance and intersectionality were strong themes throughout the weekend during two plenaries and more than 75 workshops. Topics ranged from Reproductive Justice 101 to revolutionary mothering, ending the Hyde Amendment, immigration justice, supporting mothers of color, understanding trans identities, “appropriate whiteness,” radical reproductive justice and creating space for people with disabilities in the reproductive justice movement.

The Women’s Fightback Network of Boston was active at the conference with a literature table. WFN members Phebe Eckfeldt and Sue Davis (seated) and Liza Green (standing) handed out fliers for Boston May Day, reprints of WW articles and copies of Workers World, which were well received.

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