Bangladesh terror attack ‘a bad sign for future’

Socialist Party of Bangladesh statement on Gulshan terror attack

spbWorkers World received the following statement from the Socialist Party of Bangladesh, a revolutionary organization in that country, following the bombing of a restaurant in Gulshan, a neighborhood of the capital, Dhaka.

July 2, 2016 — Comrade Khalequzzaman, general secretary of the Socialist Party of Bangladesh-SPB, on July 2, 2016, in a statement condemned the attack on innocent people in Gulshan, a well-protected and aristocratic residential area where foreign embassies are located.

Khalequzzaman in his statement termed the horrendous murders of 20 persons after they were taken hostage “heart-rending and a terror act,” adding that this incident was a bad sign for the future.

He called upon people to ponder as to why such a situation could have been created where aversion to life, revenge out of frustration, wrong ideological and philosophical indoctrination, sheer excitement of adventure, attainment of heavenly bliss and providing proof of their existence to the world can lead to this kind of brutal terror attack.

The SPB general secretary said that nowadays it has become a world phenomenon due to the moribund imperialist-capitalist system linked with religious fundamentalism and all other obscure ideas, thought and customs nurtured by the capitalist class to get rid of unrepairable crisis. Bangladesh is no exception.

The emergence of fanatic religious forces and the indifference of the government to tackling this menace have led to such a situation in the country. The situation further worsened as the ruling-class parties are engaged in endless feuds and fights for power by any means, fair or foul. What is happening and going on if allowed to go will spell disaster for the country. The time now demands an all-out democratic reform for a democratic-progressive rule and sharp ideological battle in all spheres of life, especially in education and culture.

Khalequzzaman in his statement stressed the need for building an alternative political platform to fight this, uniting all democratic progressive forces, individuals, groups and people of all strata.

Sender: Bazlur Rashid Firoz

Member, Central Committee, SPB

Email: [email protected]

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