Messages to build a workers’ world


The following are brief excerpts from additional messages with greetings of solidarity and proletarian internationalism from around the world and the U.S.

Colombia – Sinaltrainal

From Colombia, thousands of workers and Sinaltrainal workers wish the conference every success in the mobilization against the evils of capitalism.

More and more the world’s poor, and wealth concentrated in fewer hands, continues. Some 99 percent of global wealth is owned by one percent of the population. The numbers of poor of the U.S. equal the entire Colombian population.

Transnational corporations continue to gain the most from the wars that the empire declared against our peoples. They are the same as in your country, in ours, in Africa, Asia and Europe. Through terror, they appropriate our resources, impoverish our people and destroy the planet.

The Free Trade Act between Colombia and the U.S. continues to leave poverty and desolation. And farmers and other social sectors are preparing a new national strike early next year.

In Colombia, the negotiation process progresses to end the armed conflict and an important sector of the oligarchy and multinationals applaud this important political event. This is not because major reforms will provide welfare for a large majority, but because this sector can continue to operate and approach an improved position regarding our natural resources and our labor, while there is increasingly precarious work for our class. The rules are always aimed to benefit multinational corporations and the international financial system.

Here we are still fighting, for what the Colombian state called “post-conflict” will be more bloody than the conflict that for more than 200 years has been waged between those in power and the people and their organizations. We continue to dream of being free.

Solidarity is the tenderness of the people. Success in your conference, health and life.

National Directorate of Sinaltrainal                                                    

Fredy A. Sepúlveda, M. Edgar Paez


Greetings from Moldova!

The political party “Our Home is Moldova” (Red Bloc) congratulates the Workers World Party National Conference!

Alexander Gutovski, interim party leader

Ukraine – Borotba

Sergei Kirichuk sent greetings and international solidarity to the WWP conference from the Borotba (Struggle) organization in Ukraine. He thanked WWP for its support and especially Greg Butterfield for his work translating their analyses into English. He also gave a special salute to the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Sergei Kirichuk, Borotba

Dominican Republic – Caamañista Movement

We highly value your combats inside imperialism, above all in this phase of it, in which, stretched to the limit by the worst crisis in its history, the international capitalist system has become extremely destructive and impoverishing.

We equally appreciate the internationalist record of WWP, which has always been at the side of the oppressed peoples, their rebellions, their emancipating forces; always embracing the longing for justice, the socialist ideal, for the globalization of all forms of liberation.

We give our deep thanks for your support for the project of the Great Homeland and Socialism that we have taken on with the Continental Bolivarian Movement (MCB) and we return this attitude with our boundless support for your persistent battle in the belly of the empire itself, the most cruel and aggressive empire in the history of humanity.

Socialism or barbarism!

Until the final victory!

Narciso Isa Conde, for the Central Coordination of the Caamañista Movement

CubaNews – Walter Lippmann

From Cienfuegos, in the heart of revolutionary Cuba, I’m writing to wish you all great success in your conference. The WWP, formed in 1959, the year of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, has a long and honorable record in solidarity with Cuba.

Here in Cuba, the Revolution faces an array of challenges: to put food on the tables of 11 million people; to improve economic, social and cultural conditions; to protect hard-won gains of the past; to correct mistakes; and to move the country forward. And to accomplish all of this while Washington’s goals of destroying Cuba’s revolution and bringing capitalism back remain unchanged.

You are all also welcome to subscribe to the CubaNews list which I’ve been directing for over 15 years, in which you will find regular coverage from the Cuban media on the important issues of the day, with original translations into English.

No es fácil, pero, sí, se puede.
(It’s not easy, but, yes, it can be done.)

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews


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