Philly 10 resist cops’ racism & vilification

‘Philly 10 hold press conference to combat cops’ racist propaganda.WW photo: Joseph Piette

‘Philly 10 hold press conference to combat cops’ racist propaganda.
WW photo: Joseph Piette

A police-led panel discussion in Philadelphia’s northeast area on March 19 quickly turned violent as officers brutally attacked and arrested 10 protesters affiliated with the Black Lives Matter ­movement.

The protesters, all members of the grassroots Philly Coalition for R.E.A.L. (Racial, Economic And Legal) Justice, attended the meeting to demand justice for Brandon Tate-Brown, who was killed by police under suspicious circumstances on Dec. 15.

The protesters, now known as the Philly 10, held a press conference on March 26 outside Philadelphia City Hall to counter the cops’ continued racist media vilification of the movement against police brutality and murder.

Megan Malachi, a member of the R.E.A.L. Justice Coalition and one of the Philly 10, told the media: “The actions of the PPD at the community policing panel is a prime example of their wanton, violent aggression in response to dissent from the people they are charged to ‘protect and serve.’ It is clear that we can no longer attempt to reform the PPD. They should be immediately disempowered, disarmed and disbanded.”

Rufus Farmer, another of the 10 arrestees, called Commissioner Charles Ramsey and the PPD’s version of events “completely out of touch with reality.”

Despite this intensification of violent police repression, the Philly Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice shows no signs of slowing down or backing off.

A full press statement is available at

The writer is a member of the R.E.A.L. Justice Coalition and attended the press conference.

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