Messages to Workers World Party Conference

Below is a small sample of the solidarity messages sent to the Workers World Party Conference. These reflect on international solidarity in the anti-imperialist movement.

INDIA – Socialist Unity Centre of India

Winds of change have started to blow over the United States and indeed over the whole world. People’s resentment towards the capitalist system is bursting forth everywhere in the form of massive demonstrations, and an awareness is slowly dawning that capitalism cannot provide any solution to the myriad problems that the people are facing. The people’s anti-capitalist struggle can emerge victorious only if it has a firm ideological base of Marxism-Leninism.

The Workers World Party has always followed a policy of uncompromising anti-imperialism and proletarian internationalism and is engaged in the task of organizing militant movements against the anti-people policies of the U.S. government. Its determined opposition to the deployment of U.S. forces in Syria, along with the protests of peace-loving people all over the world, finally forced the U.S. administration to halt the impending military attack. This is a victory for the anti-war movement.

Manik Mukherjee Member, Polit Bureau Central Committee SUCI (Communist)

Bolivarian Continental Movement – Latin America

From Our America — which is constantly attacked by the Pentagon, the CIA and large corporations — we embrace you.

We live at a time of profound change, rescuing independence and processes toward new revolutions, that we must defend in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua … that we must defend and help to deepen with determination. …

It is time for a dignified peace with social justice and real democracy for Colombia. …

It is time to cry for self-determination for the peoples of Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan … to demand an end to the “global war on terrorism” and the criminal militarism backed up by U.S. imperialism. …

It is time for the independence of Puerto Rico, the end of military intervention in Haiti and the dismantling of U.S. military bases in Our America and the world.

It is time to combat declining, nefarious and neoliberal capitalism, and time to create something new.

It is time for the ideals of Marx, Lincoln, Bolívar, Martí, Louverture … and Che. Forward ever, backward never.

Narciso Isa Conde – Collective Presidency.

Carlos CasanuevaSecretary
General and Executive Committee.
Nov. 12, Our America.

LEBANON – Teachers’ Union leader

Dear Comrades,

You are carrying the burden of defending the rights of different sectors of people: Workers, Youth, Women, People of Color, Refugees, Minorities, Indigenous, Bus drivers. … Also facing the Imperialist lust of expansion and their aggression against free states and lately your magnificent field demonstrations that played a decisive role in defeating the aggression against Syria.

We should always work as if the victory of our struggle is taking place tomorrow and we have to believe that the change is not so far. Many things in the capitalist world are taking place and for sure it is reaching a dead end.

Comrades like you never give up.

You are always on the frontier to achieve our main objective for complete change and Socialism.

Long Live your Struggle,

Long Live the Working Class,

Long Live the Workers World Party

Mohamad Kassem


As activists working against imperialism and war, and for international solidarity, we particularly welcome your internationalist commitment, especially your valuable engagement to oppose any intervention by the U.S. and its NATO partners in other countries.

To take this position is far from self- evident. As the number of imperialist assaults increased — since the collapse of the Soviet Union — the weaker the resistance to them was in the West. During the NATO war against Libya and the current aggression against Syria, many left-wing organizations and intellectuals were erroneously drawn to take an incorrect position under the pressure of media propaganda and idealistic political aberrations. Your clear anti-imperialist positions and analyses are an important contribution to bringing clarification on these questions.

Joachim Guilliard, blogger and
anti-imperialist activist

IRAN (SI – Solidarity with Iran)

Fighting the attacks of the U.S. ruling class to further jeopardize the life of workers and other oppressed layers of the American society demands carrying at the same time a struggle to stop aggressions of the same power against the people of oppressed nations who constitute the great majority of the world population. Iran is among such nations and since it insists on its sovereignty and self-determination, it is currently under illegal, illegitimate and inhuman sanctions.

Working-class movements all over the world and especially in the U.S. should strongly support the struggles of oppressed nations and we are glad that such understanding exists in the Workers World Party.

SI-Solidarity with Iran

Co-founder and Coordinator

Hamid Shahrabi

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