A FIST appeal to youth: Attend Workers World Party conference

fightimperialismThe looming global financial crisis has already hurt young people, leaving nearly 75 million young people unemployed around the world. When countries suffer economically, young workers are usually the last in and first out. From a lack of social services to slim opportunities for housing or jobs, it’s no shock that young people feel like they are left without any opportunities for prosperity or even stability.

Many young people know in their guts that the capitalist system is corrupt and is failing them.  They provided on-the-ground leadership to the occupations of Zucotti Park that led to Occupy Wall Street and were on the front lines of the rallies, rebellions and protests following the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

As the revolutionary, working-class youth of Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST), we are reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King’s indictment of economic inequities in the U.S.: “Socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor.” We are excited to have the opportunity to invite young activists and freedom fighters from across the country to the Nov. 16-17 Workers World Party national conference in New York City, as we have been invited to be a focus of this year’s gathering with our own workshop and plenary speakers. The FIST plenary session will take place at noon on Nov. 16 followed by the FIST lunchtime workshop at 1 p.m.   We aren’t content with the idea that our generation’s future can wait.  With the unique exuberance and revolutionary optimism of our generation, we are ready to lay the groundwork for organizing a society where people’s needs come first.

The ruling class has its own schedule of meetings, summits and conferences to discuss how to divide and conquer the multinational working class here and abroad. From the United Nations to NATO to the Group of Eight, or G8 forum, leaders of imperialist countries, transnational corporations and military officials talk at length to build an analysis, strategy and plan on how to maintain and increase profits. That’s why it’s all the more necessary for working-class people of all nationalities, faith backgrounds, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations and abilities to come together and strategize our own united plans to take back our world from the ruling class.

In a society where we are constantly told that we aren’t smart enough, good enough, beautiful enough or strong enough to deserve a life of happiness and dignity, many working-class people feel like they have nothing to contribute to the movement for liberation. FIST youth want to extend a welcoming and warm invitation to all young people. It’s a rare opportunity for us as young activists to get to share the stage at these important discussions on building people’s power, but we know that we represent a generation of creativity and innovation.  The youth need a revolution!

For more information on conference registration, housing and a timeline of events, visit workers.org/wwp.

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