International solidarity with workers in the USA

Following are statements of solidarity that various organizations and individuals sent to the Nov. 17-18 Workers World Party National Conference in New York.

Federation of Cuban Women

Esteemed comrades,

On the occasion of the National Conference of Workers World Party, on behalf of the Federation of Cuban Women, we send our warmest greetings. We take this opportunity to wish you much success in the work ahead, facing the new challenges in the world today.

Our organization, made-up of four million women, and having Consultative Status before the United Nations Economic and Social Council, is gratified in maintain close ties with your organization, which has carried out significant efforts on behalf of peace, freedom and solidarity between peoples and women.

Cuban women, as part of humanity, are witness to how the mightiest powers attempt to implant capitalism as a hegemonic system on the Planet. However, today we face an unquestionable multiple crisis with great consequences for humanity: the plundering of natural resources and energy; exacerbation of the food crisis and hunger, poverty and migrations; climate change, etc. — where the most powerful are enriched every day and the rest of the population, who are excluded from this group, is increasingly poor.

We congratulate you on the progress and achievements of your organization since its inception, in your struggle against capitalism, war, environmental destruction, as well as in favor of building socialist unity and class solidarity, by promoting equality and economic justice in your society.

We express again our greetings and reiterate that we will continue to expand and strengthen the bilateral relations between our organizations, based on solidarity and mutual respect, with the objective of achieving a fuller participation for women in all spheres of life.

With fraternal greetings,

Federation of Cuban Women

Union of African Workers, Senegal, Secretariat

Dear comrades:

Your Party is holding its National Conference at a very crucial and dangerous time for all of humanity, due to the rapacious expansionist policies of U.S. imperialism and NATO, on their war path toward their goal of the New World Order — Fascism!

Despite the fact that Barack Obama was reelected for a second term, the capitalist crisis will never find a solution that benefits the international working class. Obama will continue the same policy to serve the imperialist needs to search for more profits by oppressing peoples and nations. In Africa, the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization will continue their colonial policies in the name of aid, democracy and development.

In your country, the USA, African immigrants and other nationalities will be denied their rights to work and to reunite with their families. They will be deported or detained indefinitely.

This is to say that there is nothing to expect from Obama’s reelection other than business as usual. It’s also to confirm our agreements with Workers World Party that the only answer to this capitalist crisis is to fight for socialism.

In order the reach that goal our common struggles must achieve UNITY against the danger of U.S. imperialism — and this can only be accomplished by organizing locally and internationally all socialist and revolutionary forces in their struggles against imperialist and  reactionary forces. Unified struggle against a common enemy is the ONLY WAY!

We all wish you success at this important National Conference, dear comrades!

Comradely yours

Union of African Workers, Senegal, Secretariat


I send my greetings to the conference of Workers World Party, wishing you a long life and much success in the revolutionary struggle.


Miguel Urbano Rodriguez
Writer, editor of

Trade Union LAB, Basque Country

The trade union LAB of the Basque Country salutes the National Conference of Workers World Party, to be held on Nov. 17-18 in New York.

In these times of capitalist barbarism that we are suffering first hand, especially in Europe, the Basque working class and the class unionism that LAB represents welcomes the holding of your National Conference, which we are sure will rise to the occasion and be very beneficial in continuing to organize the working class of the United States from a socialist (not social democratic) perspective, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist.

The working class of the Basque Country, a small nation of 3 million people located between the Spanish and French states, together with the rest of the European working class are experiencing the policies of cutbacks in the public sector, in social spending generally, in wage reductions and mass layoffs — all imposed by the Troika (the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission) together with the European social democratic and conservative governments.

In addition, the Basque working class is suffering from taxation and the systematic denial of our political, cultural, social, and language rights by the government of the Spanish state.

Notwithstanding, we remain steadfast on the road to independence and socialism in the Basque Country, as evidenced by the general strike held on Sept. 26 called by the LAB and other unions and social movements, which paralyzed economic activity in our country. Similarly, as evidenced by the fact that, after a decade of illegalization, the leftist coalition for Basque independence won 25 percent of the votes in the elections held on Oct. 21 in the Basque Country, which is a great achievement.

Therefore, we welcome all the struggles trying to overthrow this unjust capitalist order, trying to create a world without nations and oppressed classes. Workers World Party is, in that sense, a benchmark.

We are confident that we will continue to fight together with you, side by side.

Jo ta ke irabazi arte!! (Onward to Victory!)

People Against War, Ireland

From the People Against War Network in Ireland we wish all attending the Workers World Party conference on 17th and 18th November every success.  Keep up the vital work, dear comrades.


June Kelly and Paul O’Brien for PAW

Unified Popular Movement, Panama


On the occasion of your National Conference receive a warm greeting from Panama, from the revolutionary activism of the Unified People’s Movement.

We are confident that you will take advantage of discussions at the National Conference to reflect on the most important events in the international class struggle and the deepening economic and social crisis that has befallen the capitalist system. The events today that engulf Europe, particularly Greece and Spain, show that the working class is not only resisting the attempt to put the weight of the capitalist crisis on their backs, but also mobilizing in the streets for a social-economic-political alternative — which is none other than socialism.

The struggle of European workers develops in the same direction as the struggles in the United States, as the Occupy Wall Street movement, as the conflict in Wisconsin and as the recent strike by Chicago teachers. In Panama this year the working people have also begun mobilizing: first, in early 2012, with the mobilization of the people of Buglé Gnäbe against mining and hydroelectric plundering of their lands, and recently the people of Columbus against the sale of valuable public lands.

These large demonstrations that occur in all countries are the furnaces where the consciousness of millions of people will be forged, where the path of socialist revolutions to come will be prepared. This should move us toward militant optimism, in continuing forward and strengthening ties between the revolutionaries of all countries.

Success in Your National Conference

Unified People’s Movement Collective

Free Homeland Party, Brazil

Esteemed comrades of Workers World Party in the United States,

With great satisfaction we received your invitation to participate in your National Conference, now so important to the whole world.

A few days after the election that gave Barack Obama another mandate, it is clearer than ever the state of decay and disintegration of imperialism. It can’t be hidden, even a little. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves. Decline and disintegration are not synonymous with weakness or paralysis. In the case of the sick body of the United States, decline and disintegration will serve as a spring board for aggression, craving not only to destroy its own society, but also peoples they propose to loot.

Thus our unity, our integration and solidarity is more crucial than ever.

In Brazil we also recently held municipal elections. Our Free Homeland Party (PPL), which for the first time participated in an election, made big advances, strengthening ourselves in the entire country. We cannot be present at your gathering, but are sending fraternal and comradely greetings on behalf of our leadership, along with the firm determination that together we will make every effort to defeat the forces of backwardness, of misery for the people, and in favor of freedom, progress and the sovereignty of peoples.

Long live the North American working class! Long live the people of the United States!

Long live the friendship between Workers World Party and the PPL!

Long live the unity between peoples of the United States and Brazil!

Down with imperialism!

Nelson Chaves, Secretary for International Relations of the PPL

Susana Lischinsky, Assistant Secretary for International Relations

United National Antiwar Coalition — USA

Comrades and Friends,

I am so sorry that I am unable to make your conference today because it is important to me to understand the analysis that the Workers World Party can provide as we watch the world changing before our eyes.  Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the Northeast but also helped millions to understand the dangers of climate change and to understand that the government of the 1% has supported the corporations as they denied the existence of global warming for years.

The Palestinian people stand up to overwhelming military odds provided to Israel, in large part, by the U.S. The U.S. government asserts the right to assassinate whomever they want with drones and special operations forces, but it does so knowing that there would be a massive reaction, from people in the U.S. and around the world, to any new introduction of ground troops anywhere in the world. As European workers battle against austerity they show the U.S. workers what our future will be.

Capitalism is crumbling through its own internal contradictions. As it crumbles, the ruling class will seek to use every weapon in its arsenal to fight for their survival. We can expect to see new wars at home and abroad and we can expect to see massive resistance to those wars. I know that Workers World and UNAC will stand shoulder to shoulder as we help organize that resistance to bring about a better world, a world without borders, a world without imperialist war.

So I look forward to hearing a report of your successful conference and to continuing our work together.

In solidarity,

Joe Lombardo

UNAC co-coordinator

Virginia Defenders — USA

Greetings to Workers World Party on the occasion of your 2012 national conference. For more than five decades, WWP has stood as a beacon of political clarity and revolutionary commitment for the working class and oppressed peoples both here in the heart of the Empire and around the world. We especially appreciate the leadership you have shown in the anti-imperialist wing of the struggling U.S. antiwar movement. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future to help build a world where humanity is no longer divided by class oppression, where oppressed peoples are free to determine their own destinies and where all are free to develop as full and creative human beings.

In Solidarity,

The Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality
The Virginia Defender newspaper
DefendersLIVE radio program
Richmond, Virginia

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