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Articles by Fred Goldstein

Guantanamo in Chicago: Imperialist war and police torture

May 19, 2015

It is no coincidence that both Zuley and Burge learned torture in the service of U.S. imperialism, in Vietnam and Guantanamo. Torture is a feature of imperialist war against colonial resistance. In 1990, Lathierial Boyd, 24, was asked by police to come to a facility in Chicago to help them [...]

Pentagon threatens Iran, supports aggression against Yemen

May 4, 2015

The Pentagon has sent nine warships, including an aircraft carrier and a guided-missile cruiser, to waters off the coast of Yemen. April 27 — The Pentagon has engaged in a sharp escalation of military tensions in the Middle East by sending nine warships, including an aircraft carrier and a [...]

After Ferguson, police go on counterattack: Mass resistance is the answer

April 29, 2015

Baltimore youth faces down militarized police.Photo: Richard Reilly April 27 — The arrogant defiance and evasive obstructionism that the Baltimore police have put up in the face of the video showing them dragging a limp Freddie Grey into a police van are typical of the hardened attitude of police [...]

Slowdown, unemployment plague world capitalism

April 23, 2015

The finance ministers of the largest capitalist economies exuded gloom and pessimism at the recent Washington meeting of the G-20. “Six years after tackling the global financial crisis, the world’s top economic policy makers are struggling to exit crisis-management mode and lift growth out of a [...]

Prison profiteers drive detention of immigrants

April 22, 2015

CCA-run Idaho Correctional Center, located in Boise, Idaho. The U.S. prison system is more and more becoming a profit center for big private corporations. The detention of undocumented immigrants fleeing persecution has become a special source of “profit from misery.” A new study from [...]

Sobre Cuba, Irán, Ucrania: Obama, un centrista, cede a la derecha

April 21, 2015

Los vericuetos de la política exterior del Presidente Barack Obama, desde Cuba a Irán a Ucrania, muestran la capacidad de la derecha para socavar las políticas de las fuerzas centristas dentro de la clase política de la clase dominante. Esta es una expresión de las fuerzas expansionistas y [...]

On Cuba, Iran, Ukraine: Obama, a centrist, yields to right wing

April 15, 2015

WW photo: Greg Butterfield The twists and turns of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, from Cuba to Iran to Ukraine, show the ability of the right wing to undermine the policies of centrist forces within the ruling-class political establishment. This is an expression of the expansionist, [...]

A lesson in liberalism: Ramsey Orta, Mayor de Blasio and the cops

April 14, 2015

Orta (left) with family, supporters, Sept. 5, Staten Island, N.Y.WW photo: Johnnie Stevens New York — Ramsey Orta, whose cellphone video of killer cop Daniel Pantaleo choking to death unarmed Eric Garner sparked a movement against racist police murders, was finally released on bail on April [...]

Washington finally deals with Iran even as State Dept. reneges on terms

April 7, 2015

April 6 — The agreed nuclear framework negotiated between the Iranian government and an unholy alliance of imperialist bandits, in addition to China, must be put in proper perspective. Whatever the terms of the framework agreement, and whatever the ultimate outcome of the negotiations, the fact [...]
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