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Articles by Fred Goldstein

Syriza cede ante banqueros de euro

March 3, 2015

24 de febrero – El gobierno izquierdista Syriza en Grecia ha aceptado una retirada negociada de sus promesas electorales después de un cara a cara con los banqueros europeos, liderados por el capital financiero alemán. Esto pone fin a esta última fase de la lucha del pueblo griego contra [...]

Syriza backs down to euro bankers

February 24, 2015

The sign says “Homeless” during a Greek protest march last year. Feb. 24 — The leftist Syriza government in Greece has accepted a negotiated retreat from its election promises after a faceoff with the European bankers, led by German finance capital. This ends the latest phase of the [...]

Problems of Greek crisis as predatory lenders demand austerity

February 17, 2015

Feb. 16 — The eyes of both world finance capital and class-conscious workers and revolutionaries have been on Greece in its struggle against austerity. The central focus of that struggle has been in Brussels this past week, with tense negotiations between Greece’s social-democratic Syriza [...]

Después de votar contra austeridad/Masas griegas esperan cambios

February 10, 2015

El nuevo gobierno izquierdista socialdemócrata del partido Syriza llegó al poder en Grecia con un programa anti-austeridad el 25 de enero. El Partido apuntó contra los fuertes recortes presupuestarios y privatizaciones neoliberales impuestos por la “Troika” – El FMI, el Banco [...]

Syriza’s first anti-austerity moves hearten masses

February 2, 2015

Maneuvers begin as bankers push back The new left social-democratic government of the Syriza party was swept into office in Greece on an anti-austerity program on Jan. 25. The party targeted the harsh neoliberal cutbacks, budget cuts and privatization imposed by the “Troika” — the [...]

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

January 26, 2015

On Jan. 21, the apartheid Zionist regime of Benjamin Netanyahu was authorized by the United Nations General Assembly to host the first-ever conference devoted to the rise of worldwide “anti-Semitism.” A letter endorsing the conference was signed by the governments of 40 countries, including the [...]

Racismo e imperialismo detrás de asesinatos en París

January 20, 2015

El domingo 11 de enero, una masiva manifestación tuvo lugar en París en solidaridad con los miembros del personal de la revista de caricaturas satíricas Charlie Hebdo, quienes fueron asesinados el 7 de enero, como también un policía musulmán y cuatro clientes de una tienda judía de [...]

French, European imperialists escalate Islamophobia

January 19, 2015

French, U.S. and British imperialism and their partners, each in their own way and for their own aims, are determined to escalate wars abroad and repression at home. The French ruling class has imposed an undeclared state of siege on its own Muslim population and has used troops in North and West [...]

Racism, imperialism behind the Paris killings

January 13, 2015

On Sunday, Jan. 11, a massive demonstration took place in Paris in sympathy with the staff members of the satirical cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo who were killed on Jan. 7, as well as a Muslim police officer and four patrons of a Jewish grocery killed in two armed attacks that week. The primary [...]
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