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Automation threatens 47 percent of U.S. jobs

By April 17, 2014

A wakeup call for labor movement and working class Two scholars at Oxford University have made an exhaustive study of 702 U.S. occupations and new techniques in automation. They concluded that 47 percent of existing jobs are at high risk of being automated in the next decade or so. The authors, Carl Benedikt Fey and […]


IPCC: ‘Climate change endangers life on planet’

By April 14, 2014

Big business: ‘Profits come first’ The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a dire report based on the findings of thousands of scientists and environmental experts. It shows that climate change has already left its mark “on all continents and across the oceans,” damaging food crops, spreading disease and melting glaciers. Big business […]


Marxism and long-term unemployment

By April 5, 2014

A study published by Heidi Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute in January compiled figures on unemployment that have important significance for the working class and for a Marxist analysis of the present dead-end crisis of capitalism. The figures in the study confirm that the bosses’ need for labor power at all skill levels and […]


U.S., EU strengthen grip on Ukraine

By April 1, 2014

March 31 —  The U.S. imperialists are trying to strengthen their grip on Ukraine, having seized the reins in Kiev through a fascist-led coup against the elected government of Viktor Yanukovych. In the wake of the coup, the new, unelected puppet regime has signed an “associate agreement” with the European Union that opens wider the Ukrainian […]


Marxism explains long-term jobless growth

By March 28, 2014

Five years into the capitalist recovery, the crisis of mass, long-term unemployment will not go away. The Labor Department defines long-term unemployment as being 27 weeks or longer without a job. The official number of long-term unemployed in February was 3.8 million workers. (Los Angeles Times, March 20) “To grasp what that means for the […]


Golpe estratégico al Pentágono en Crimea

By March 27, 2014

Crisis de Ucrania retrasa avance de la OTAN hacia el este 19 de marzo – La abrumadora participación popular de las masas de Crimea que afirmaron su decisión de separarse del régimen golpista de Kiev en Ucrania y asociarse con Rusia, es el primer gran revés para los EE.UU. y la OTAN en su marcha […]


Extreme inequality growing

By March 24, 2014

Class exploitation at the root The International Monetary Fund recently published a paper sounding the alarm about the global trend toward extreme concentration of income in the hands of the rich. In a 67-page paper issued in January of this year the IMF reported: “In the United States, the share of market income captured by […]


Ukraine crisis sets back NATO’s eastward advance

By March 20, 2014

Strategic blow to Pentagon in Crimea March 19 — The overwhelming, popular turnout of the Crimean masses who affirmed their decision to separate from the Kiev coup regime in Ukraine and associate with Russia is the first great setback for the U.S. and NATO in their 15-year march to the East. This constitutes a turning […]


U.S. hides Russian proposal to end crisis in Crimea

By March 18, 2014

Massive vote to separate Kiev losing control in East March 18 — The voters in Crimea on March 16 overwhelmingly voted to separate from Ukraine. The leaders of Crimea then signed a treaty to join the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, the Western imperialists have tried to bury a Russian proposal to solve the crisis, which was […]


Staples to shut 225 stores

By March 16, 2014

Giant retail chains are counting up their poor showings in 2013. Their answer? Store closings and layoffs. In this attack on the workers, largely underreported, both technology and capitalist overproduction play a role. Staples is a case in point. This giant office supply chain plans to close 225 stores by 2015 — 10 percent of […]