Barbecue honors Bobby Hutton

Lil’ Bobby Hutton BBQ.

Lil’ Bobby Hutton BBQ.

The “Lil’ Bobby Hutton BBQ for the People” was held in Oakland, Calif., on April 6, with about 75 people enjoying free food, speakers and entertainment. Lil’ Bobby was killed by the Oakland Police Department prior to his having a “Feeding The People” function at ­DeFremery Park in Oakland.

Mumia Abu-Jamal notes in “We Want Freedom,” his highly praised book on the Black Panthers, “Bobby Hutton, the Party’s first martyr, [was] killed by Oakland cops as he surrendered with Eldridge Cleaver on April 6, 1968.” (p. 71)

Community members in 2012 organized a “Take Back the Town BBQ” at what is known today as Lil’ Bobby Hutton Park.

The theme of this year’s event was “Speaking Up Against Violence.” Speakers included Dinyal New, who spoke about her horrifying experience in the death of her two sons, Lamar Devante Broussard and Lee Edward Weathersby. Tameka Rothschild spoke about the death of her son, Derryck Harris.

The Black Riders Liberation Party made an appeal for support for Jihad Mujahid Muhammad, a BRLP member who has been in jail for a year and is now facing new charges in Santa Clara County, Calif. If found guilty on this new charge, brought just before his release from prison, Muhammad would face third-strike mandatory sentencing.

Muhammad was a participant in the California prisoners’ hunger strike last summer. A benefit was held for him the evening of April 6, with about 50 people attending.