PFLP denounces Israel’s ‘Day After’

The following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Central Media Department was issued on June 29, 2024, by the Resistance News Network: 

Women PFLP resistance fighters

The resistance remains and is influential; our people will shape the future and the form of governance of the Strip. The war criminal Gallant’s plans for the “Day After” are mere delusions and fantasies reflecting the occupation’s bankruptcy and inability to face reality. 

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine asserts that what was reported by the U.S. newspaper, The Washington Post, about the Zionist enemy’s Minister of War, [Yoav] Gallant, presenting a plan for the “day after” in Gaza, which involves humanitarian bubbles, dividing the Strip into 24 administrative areas, forming a special committee headed by the U.S. and creating international and Arab forces to control and lead, with a Palestinian force taking responsibility for local security, are mere delusions and fantasies reflecting the occupation’s bankruptcy and inability to face reality. 

Proposing such an unrealistic plan is a clear indication of the occupation’s inability to provide a clear answer about the “day after the war.” The timing of the announcement of the plan coincides with Gallant’s visit to the U.S., which is part of the internal competition within the Zionist entity and Gallant’s attempt to impose his political stance as an alternative to the plan of the enemy’s Prime Minister, the war criminal [Benjamin] Netanyahu, in this regard. 

The Zionist entity, which has suffered a strategic defeat, faces an existential crisis, with its exhausted army that has lost its power to deter, receiving successive blows and fighting on multiple fronts. Amidst the significant deterioration in the Zionist economy and the great isolation the Zionist entity suffers from on various levels, it is not in a position to implement such an imaginary plan, especially since it is unable to decide the battle and control all areas of the Gaza Strip. 

This underscores the weakness of this plan and the impossibility of its implementation. Moreover, the occupation’s attempts to escape from Gaza by involving the U.S. administration and some Arab parties in managing the Strip are failed plans, as no sane party would agree to sink into the quagmire of Gaza or come on the back of a tank or engage in a proxy war. 

This plan is doomed to fail. The resistance in Gaza remains and will stay strong and highly influential. No one can impose any vision or plan outside the will of the Palestinian people, who are the only ones capable of shaping the future of the Strip and determining the form of governance through genuine national consensus. Any collusion from any local, Arab or an international party will be considered a partner with the occupation and an adversary to our people. 

This statement was lightly edited.

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