PFLP exposes Netanyahu’s lies

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Central Media Department issued the following statement on the Resistance News Network, June 22, 2024.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirms that the statements made by the enemy’s prime minister, war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, on the U.S. website PUNCHBOWL, in which he claimed that “israel does not practice a starvation policy in the Gaza Strip, and that it has allowed the entry of 25,000 trucks loaded with medicine and food to Gaza, and his denial of international reports confirming the starvation policy,” are nothing but lies that deceive no one and aim to mislead public opinion. 

For nine months, the Gaza Strip has been subjected to an unprecedented genocidal Zionist war, a suffocating and continuous siege, a systematic starvation and dehydration campaign, and the destruction of infrastructure, health and service facilities and all essentials of life. 

These crimes are documented and based on verified testimonies and facts, and have been cited in decisions by the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, as well as other United Nations decisions, such as placing the occupation on the blacklist as one of the “states” that kill children. 

Regarding Netanyahu’s mention in his interview about disarming the resistance and imposing civil administration on the Gaza Strip, these are mere delusions. Netanyahu is deeply mired in the Gaza quagmire and has achieved none of his aggressive goals except for murder and destruction. 

His statements are intended for local consumption to try to prolong the war, which contradicts the position of the exhausted army, unable to continue this war or fight on multiple fronts due to the heavy losses it suffers in Gaza and the war of attrition from multiple fronts, especially the Lebanese front. 

The Palestinian people and their courageous resistance will alone decide the future of the Gaza Strip, thwarting any attempt to impose civil administration or bring in foreign or Arab forces. 

These statements in the interview indicate that Netanyahu is merely a psychologically ill and vile person acting as a sadistic criminal leading the dirtiest colonial entity in history with the most despicable, brutal and terrorist army. 

Like other Zionist and U.S. war criminals, war criminal Netanyahu will not escape punishment. The day will come when they will all pay the price for every crime they committed against our people and other nations. 

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