Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: ‘Expand the global Intifida’!

The following statement is from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Central Media Department was issued on June 21, 2024, by Resistance News Network.

The specter of famine and death from thirst is haunting the entire Gaza Strip. 

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine holds the United States and the  West responsible for the unprecedented catastrophic conditions experienced by our people in the Gaza Strip amidst the continuation of the Zionist war of genocide and systematic destruction of all aspects of life. 

Today, the Gaza Strip is experiencing the worst humanitarian disaster in modern history, committed against it with direct U.S. participation, international collusion and Arab silence. The complete closure of the crossings has led to catastrophic consequences for the lives of citizens, with a severe shortage of essential goods, including baby milk, nutritional supplements and medicines. 

Thousands of wounded from the aggression and patients with chronic diseases are at risk of death due to the closure of the crossings. The Front warns that the specter of famine and death from thirst is threatening all areas of the Gaza Strip, particularly in the northern Gaza Strip and areas crowded with thousands of displaced people, especially on the outskirts of the city of Rafah, which suffers from the lack of basic necessities and severe water shortages due to the targeting of water wells and desalination plants and the direct Zionist targeting of displaced people’s tents despite declaring them safe areas. 

The Gaza Strip and innocent civilians have turned into an open testing ground for various internationally banned U.S. weapons. The world’s silence in the face of these atrocities is suspicious and reveals the fall of the masks of the so-called free world and those who cry over human rights. The detainees from the Gaza Strip, as revealed by the released prisoners, experience horrific levels of torture, mutilation and other brutal methods. 

We urgently call on the free people of the world to expand the global Intifada against the Zionist war of genocide on the Strip and against all Western entities involved in these crimes, especially the U.S., Britain and Germany. It has become clear that there is a Western green light for the occupation to destroy all aspects of life and infrastructure and launch a starvation war on the Strip in light of the failure of military objectives. 

We call on Arab countries to activate their decisions to impose breaking the siege and bring relief materials and essential supplies to the Strip without any conditions or decisions from the occupation. Any shortcomings or delays will lead to the continuation and worsening of this disaster. 

Despite all these atrocities, Gaza will remain steadfast, a graveyard for the Zionists and their henchmen, and will continue to fight for its existence and life. We are confident that it will triumph in this global Zionist-Western war against it. 

This statement is lightly edited.

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