PFLP calls for international committee to investigate crimes against Palestinian detainees

The following statement on Zionist crimes and horrific violations in the “Sde Teman” camp against Palestinian prisoners was released by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Office of Martyrs, Prisoners and Wounded on June 14, 2024, and issued by Resistance News Network: 

Credit: Palestine Campaign

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is following with extreme anger the shocking and painful reports and horrifying testimonies regarding the severe violations and unprecedented crimes committed against Palestinian prisoners in the “Sde Teman” camp in the Naqab Desert. 

This camp has turned into an extermination camp under the direct supervision of the occupying army and by a decision from the government of the Zionist killers, with U.S. backing and international silence. 

The Front confirms that the testimonies from released prisoners, revealing systematic killings and brutal torture by the Zionist jailers, are shocking and horrifying practices only carried out by a group of killers, fascists and sadists thirsty for killing and torture. 

Released prisoners reveal beatings of detainees to death, leaving the wounded without treatment until their wounds rot, in addition to severe violations against detained women, including stripping and beating them. These unprecedented crimes cannot be ignored or go unpunished. 

In light of these horrific crimes and painful testimonies, the Front demands the formation of an urgent international committee to investigate the Zionist crimes committed against detained prisoners, especially those whose detention in the “Sde Teman” camp or other Zionist detention and extermination camps has been concealed. 

The Front demands that the Zionists responsible for these crimes be brought to the International Criminal Court, foremost among them the criminal, fascist and racist Ben-Gvir, so they pay for committing these horrifying crimes. 

The Front calls on the free people of the world, all supporters and relevant institutions to urgently mobilize in public, media, legal and diplomatic arenas to pressure for firm and serious stances against these Zionist atrocities against the prisoners, and to reveal the fate of hundreds of prisoners held in inhumane and terrifying conditions. 

The Front calls on all national and Islamic forces to unite and combine efforts to defend prisoners’ rights, leading to their liberation, and to continue working to expose the unprecedented practices of the occupation against the prisoners.

This statement was lightly edited.

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