Decolonization and the Fight Against Imperialism Conference 2024

Hundreds of people have registered to attend a national conference centered around “Decolonization and the Fight Against Imperialism,” hosted by the United National Antiwar Coalition. The event will take place from Friday, April 5 until Sunday, April 7 in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

This conference will be a tenacious gathering of anti-imperialist organizers from around the world. The focus will. of course, be on Palestine and supporting the Palestinian resistance to Zionist genocide and occupation. But opposition to all U.S. imperialist wars and interventions will be prominent throughout the weekend. 

The program will feature 16 different workshops, as well as five plenary panels. Themes for panels and workshops range from the genocide in Gaza, the African struggle against imperialism, organizing against Cop Cities, resistance to U.S. sanctions, the climate catastrophe and many more.

More than 50 organizations so far have signed on in support.

The event will be hosted at the Indigenous-owned and unionized InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront Hotel, on the banks of the Mississippi River.

At this critical time — six months into the latest round of horrific genocide in Gaza, while the U.S. turns its guns towards China and the disastrous NATO war against Russia continues to ravage Ukraine — we need now more than ever to rally the anti-war movement to smash the forces of imperialism. 

Registration for the conference is still open. Any activists and organizers who are interested in attending can register at:

Accommodations are available and information about them can be found on the conference website, under the “Logistics” section.


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