Palestinian Factions condemn murders of World Central Kitchen workers

The following statement from Palestinian Factions (National and Islamic Forces), condemning the murders of World Central Kitchen workers, was released April 1 on Resistance News Network. 

World Central Kitchen was involved in the first shipment of aid to Gaza via a sea corridor from Cyprus in March. Here their workers in Gaza, March 2024. (Photo websource: Reuters)

The occupation’s air force has carried out a raid targeting a convoy for humanitarian relief work in the center of the Gaza Strip. It has resulted in the martyrdom of a number of workers engaged in humanitarian duty with the relief institutions of the Palestinian people’s friends, who provide humanitarian and relief services to the besieged Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. 

The brutal airstrike targeted a number of armored vehicles carrying well-known international signs as they returned from the Al-Lisan sea area in the central governorate, revealing the level of Nazi Zionist terrorism targeting people, stones, and trees and seeking to destroy all aspects of civilian life, the latest of which took place hours ago with the destruction, blowing up, burning, and destroying of hospitals, and killing hope among our people who seek to achieve freedom and extract their required rights and liberate their land and live with dignity and independence on the soil of their dear homeland. 

This heinous crime is a message of terrorism to the whole world and all international and humanitarian efforts seeking to alleviate the suffering of our people due to the siege and aggression. 

This crime necessitates an international and global effort to stop the genocidal war, as it is impossible to put an end to this bleeding and pain except by a firm international move to stop the firing and oblige the extremist occupation government to fully comply with ending all forms of aggression, war, and genocide practiced before the hearing and sight of the world without caring about the global calls, the International Criminal Court, the resolutions of the Security Council, and the positions and decisions demanding a ceasefire. 

We mourn the martyrs of the humanitarian duty among the friends of the Palestinian people working in the World Central Kitchen, and we offer condolences to their families and consider these martyrs as martyrs of the Palestinian people. 

The U.S. and other parties covering up the crimes of the occupation, and creating false justifications with the aim of continuing the killing and genocide, must stop their support for the criminals and cease providing them cover for their continued aggression and violation of all humanitarian and legal laws and conventions. 

It is time for the whole world to realize the magnitude of Zionist terrorism and hatred, which has been and still is the main and fundamental reason for the instability in the entire region, and that the only solution lies in ending the occupation, its disappearance, returning the rights to their owners, and achieving complete justice for the Palestinian people.

This statement was lightly edited. 

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