Pro-Palestine protest says ‘no’ to National Guard

New York City, March 27

Outside Metropolitan Transit Authority meeting, New York City, March 27, 2024.

Reflecting the widespread, popular rejection of National Guard troops in the New York City subway system, on March 27 pro-Palestinian activists protested in front of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. They demanded New York Gov  Kathy Hochul reverse her deployment of these troops throughout the subways.

Demonstrators argued that the role of National Guard troops has always been to suppress people’s uprisings, and said that their stationing now in the subways,  is an attempt by the state to repress the city’s strong, inspiring demonstrations for Palestine.

The activists also denounced the MTA’s increased cop presence, which along with the Guard’s bag checks will lead to more racist profiling. After protesting on the sidewalk, they went inside the monthly board meeting of the bank-controlled MTA. They disrupted the session and some demonstrators stood up to say: “National Guard troops out of the subway!”  Then they marched out of the building, chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

Another demand was for accessibility justice.  Activists pointed out the governor’s hypocrisy of saying the troops were deployed in the subways for safety, while running a subway system where three-quarters of the stations don’t have elevators, making transportation dangerous for wheelchair users.

The action was called by Workers World Party and the Bronx Anti-War Coalition, with endorsements by the New York Community Action Project and Samidoun Palestine Political Prisoner Network. Disabled In Action participated.


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