New York City: Global Strike for Gaza takes the streets

New York City

As part of the Global Strike for Gaza held on International Working Women’s Day, people gathered in Union Square in New York City March 8. The action was marked by the aggressive approach of the NYPD and the solidarity of the demonstrators.

New York City’s Union Square, March 8, 2024. credit: Brenda Ryan

Once those who gathered left Union Square, they became a militant and fast-moving group. They took the streets a few times, and the cops were very aggressive, pushing people back onto the sidewalk. A bunch of cops grabbed one protester and arrested him.

Those in action were mainly young people, strong, exuberant and skillful in maneuvering around the cops. When they marched east along 7th Street to Second Avenue, some of the residents greeted the marchers by hanging out their windows. One group had a sign, “Stop Israeli Settler Violence” and waved a Palestinian flag.

New York City, March 8, 2024. International Working Women’s Day rally takes to the streets in solidarity with Palestine. credit: Brenda Ryan

According to reports from participants, cops beat one of the demonstrators unconscious and left them on the ground for several minutes without medical attention, barricading several health care workers, who were blocked from helping. The injured demonstrator projectile vomited and seized several times, all while being handcuffed.

Downtown at 1 Police Plaza, where demonstrators who had been arrested were brought, others came to show solidarity. Cops continued to brutalize protestors who were doing jail support.

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