The Bronx is united with Yemen

Bronx, New York, January 2024. (Photo: Bronx Anti-War Coalition)

The Bronx is united with Yemen

Statement of the Bronx Antiwar Coalition, Jan. 12, 2024

The Bronx Antiwar Coalition strongly condemns the U.S.-  and British-led bombing of Yemen, a nation that fulfilled its duty under Article 1 of the Genocide Convention to defend Palestine and penalize Israel for committing genocide in Gaza. 

Yemen exercised its authority over its territorial waters, including the Red Sea and Bab El Mandeb Strait, having the right to control the passage of ships. 

The U.S.-British bombing is an illegal act of terror and a gross violation of Yemen’s sovereignty. The U.S.-British aggression against Yemen lacks any justification, as there was no threat to international navigation in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. 

Yemen’s targeting was solely focused on “Israeli” ships or those destined for the ports of occupied Palestine. Yet, Yemen’s nonviolent efforts to impede genocide have been met with predictable Western violence. 

Yemen has not caused harm to anyone; it is simply making it challenging for Israel to obtain the war supplies required to continue their genocidal acts. Biden’s bombing of Yemen took place after the first day of proceedings in the International Court of Justice, in which Israel was exposed as a genocidal, colonial, settler state created by Britain and adopted by the U.S.

With the recent bombing, the U.S. and Britain have targeted Yemen, an already oppressed Arab nation whose people they have waged war against for years due to their opposition to the Zionist genocide in Gaza. The Yemeni people have suffered hundreds of thousands of deaths between 2015 and 2022, defending themselves from an unsuccessful attempt to prevent ​​Ansar Allah from gaining power. 

The U.S. has a long history of bombing Yemen, and the Saudi-United Arab Emirates-led and U.S.-backed war on Yemen has resulted in one of the world’s most severe humanitarian crises. 

The U.S. has made a grave error in bombing Yemen, as Washington has underestimated Yemen’s unwavering support for Palestine and Gaza. Yemen will persist in its religious and humanitarian stance, standing firmly with Gaza and utilizing all available means to support its people. The U.S. aggression will only strengthen the Yemeni people’s resolve and determination, bolstering their ability to defend themselves and to continue advocating for the legitimate and just cause of the Palestinian people.

The U.S. and Britain are instigating a regional war to protect “Israel’s” ability to carry out a months-long massacre of Palestinian children in Gaza and to safeguard the financial interests of the apartheid state and its corporate backers. The fearless Yemeni people, with nothing to lose and all to gain, have the potential to ignite the entire region. 

Masses protest U.S.-British air strikes

Mass demonstrations in Sana’a, Yemen, have erupted in response to the bombings. It has become open season for U.S. and British military bases in the region. Yemen’s strike capacity extends far beyond Yemen, and their deep alliances with other resistance groups should not be underestimated.

Today, the defenders of justice, soldiers of righteousness and keepers of honor are Yemeni. We witness a people engaged in a war solely to defend human dignity, without any ulterior or profit motives. The anti-imperialist people of the world resisting Western hegemony stand with Yemen. We demand the U.S. and Britain remove its presence from the Red Sea, the Gulf of Oman and all of West Asia. 

We salute Yemen — its people, leadership and army — for their unwavering stance in upholding the cause of Palestine and supporting Gaza, regardless of the consequences. We declare our unwavering support for our Yemeni siblings in the face of this brutal and immoral aggression. 

The heroic people of Yemen will teach the U.S. empire a lesson in humility. Yemen will be the graveyard of invaders, and history will forever remember Yemen’s heroism.

Victory for Yemen is a victory for all of us. The Bronx stands united with Yemen.

Death to U.S.-British-Western imperialism!

Long live resistance, from Palestine to Yemen!

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