Hear the voices of Palestinian Resistance at Int’l Assembly against imperialism

Workers World Party invites you to a revolutionary gathering — an International Assembly Against Imperialism in Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance – on the 100th anniversary of the death of V.I. Lenin. 



The hybrid event will be held on Sunday, Jan. 21 at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Educational Center, 3940 Broadway, at West 165th Street, Washington Heights, New York City, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. with a 10 a.m.registration. including coffee, videos and music.  The venue is disabled accessible.

Pre-registration is required for in-person: 

Eventbrite link: tinyurl.com/IntlAssemblyRegister 

or online participation: tinyurl.com/IntlAssemblyZoom 

To make a donation: Eventbrite link: tinyurl.com/Donate-IntlAssembly

The party is honored that representatives of the Palestinian resistance and key Palestinian activists in the U.S. will be participating. It is especially moving that liberation and workers’ struggles from the Global South, from Latin America, Africa and Asia are participating. 

As global anger escalates, it is U.S. imperialism that is isolated and exposed. Voices of resistance are barred from the corporate media. In the face of U.S.- funded and -equipped Israeli genocide, the movement has every political, legal, and moral right to hear these views without U.S. government and corporate media censorship and harassment. 

At this moment, millions of people in every corner of the world are taking to the streets to protest the genocidal war against Gaza. Everyone urgently needs to hear from these movements. We can no longer allow any issue to separate and atomize workers fighting on the many fronts in the global working-class struggle. 

The Assembly will address the urgent question of how to raise the level of solidarity with Palestine within the working class and the workers’ movement. A number of U.S. labor unions have issued statements calling for a cease-fire. That’s a good start, but much more can be done and must be done.

One of Lenin’s many contributions to revolutionary struggle was his tireless effort to lead the international working-class movement toward maximizing concrete solidarity with all of the anti-colonial liberation struggles. This direction exemplifies the essence of Lenin — it has never been more relevant and necessary. 

The party will commemorate Lenin by devoting this Assembly to solidarity with Palestine and all movements for liberation from imperialist domination.

Along with our profound solidarity with Palestine, the International Assembly will also take up the global class struggle against capitalist exploitation, racism and fascism; the struggle against imperialist war such as NATO’s war in Ukraine; U.S. threats against China; the liberation of Puerto Rico; the support of the struggles of Indigenous peoples, people of African descent and migrants; the defense of Cuba; the climate crisis; and the liberation of people with disabilities, women, gender-oppressed and LGBTQIA2S+ people. 

Every struggle against oppression has a right to be heard. Workers World Party looks forward to sharing this powerful event with you and we encourage you to share this event with others.

We are still in the midst of a global pandemic. Please use masks, which will be provided at the Assembly, health precautions and social distancing.

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