Starbucks, interstate freeway shut down for Palestine


Pro-Palestine protest outside Starbucks, Seattle, Jan. 6, 2024. Starbucks is a major supporter of the Zionist state and is on the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions list of companies to boycott. (WW Photo: Jim McMahan)


Two demonstrations for Palestine impacted commerce and transportation in Seattle Jan. 6. The first was held outside a Starbucks store, which was preemptively closed and boarded up in advance of the protest. A Palestinian speaker gave a very strong solidarity statement supporting Starbucks workers, emphasizing especially the Starbucks boycott due to the corporation’s staunch support of, and business dealings with, Israel. 


Free Palestine action shuts down Interstate 5, Seattle, Jan. 6 2024. (WW Photo: Jim McMahan)


The second protest was a well-planned action blocking the Interstate 5 freeway with cars and several hundred pedestrians. Meanwhile, 1,000 supporters were on the overpasses; nearby there were banner drops. I-5 is the main north/south freeway on the West Coast.        

These were both Palestinian-led demonstrations with a number of solidarity organizations participating.

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