Communists in Brazil condemn Israeli massacre in Gaza
Message to NYC Lenin Centennial

By Márcia Campos
São Paulo, Brazil, Jan. 5, 2024

The Lenin Centennial received this message from Márcia Campos, member of the Central Committee and deputy national secretary for women of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), and former international president of the International Women’s Democratic Federation (FDIM). Translation: John Catalinotto.

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We strongly condemn the massacre, the barbarism carried out by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Palestine and its people, destroying the Gaza Strip.

All over the planet, indignant voices are being raised against the murderous Zionists. The ground invasion of Gaza by Israel’s Zionist army, criminally armed by U.S. imperialism, was a catastrophe in the making. More than 20,000 people have died, 70% of them women and children. So far, more than 60,000 have been injured. This is a clear act of ethnic cleansing, committing the most cruel and barbaric acts against a population under siege, without electricity, water, medicines, food or fuel.

It is crucial that all the defenders of peace and humanity around the world unite and mobilize in the streets, squares, everywhere, in every country, all those who are dedicated to a consciousness of international solidarity. All of us who are human and therefore sympathize with the humanitarian tragedy suffered by more than two and a half million people trapped in Gaza, with no way of defending themselves, exposed in the open to the unbridled and bestial bombardment of the Zionists, supported by the imperialist U.S. government, which is sending heavy weapons and soldiers to join the invading army.

We demand an end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the immediate establishment of a ceasefire. It is imperative that we demonstrate that the international community will not allow or stand by the crimes against humanity being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Breaking out of immobility and developing actions and initiatives for peace must be the objectives to be pursued immediately.

When an army becomes an instrument for the extermination of children, women, the elderly and innocent people, it is a sign of the total deterioration of the soldiers, that they have lost any sign of being human beings and that they are incapable of complying with international rules of war.

One million children ‘trapped’

Information from the humanitarian organization “Save the Children” points out that more than a million children are “trapped” in Gaza because of Israel’s blockade, with nowhere safe to go. They warned of the devastating effects of the lack of medicines and electricity to power vital health infrastructures in the region. This is unacceptable. There are no longer any hospitals able to care for the thousands of wounded.

According to UNFPA [United Nations Population Fund], around 50,000 pregnant women have difficulty accessing health care. There are around 166 unsafe births a day.

The massacre of Palestinian women in Gaza, promoted by the Israeli Zionists, has the clear intention of exterminating the Palestinians and preventing this nation from having a future. To kill women is to end new lives in order to give Palestinians continuity in the world. They do the same with children because they are the promise of the future and the existence of Palestinians who can continue to defend Gaza from Israel’s fascist colonizers. Without children, there is no future. Without children, there is no humanity.

All the organizations around the world that promote the struggle for rights and equality are mobilizing, demonstrating in the streets against this barbarity against women and the Palestinian people, together with all sectors of society that are uniting and shouting their voices in defense of the people of Gaza and Free Palestine.

We condemn the actions to isolate and provoke the displacement of the people for Israel’s final occupation of the Gaza Strip.

Killing, massacres and acts copied from Nazism and fascism are increasingly condemned by peoples and nations. Israel will not be able to stop the resistance of the whole world. The solution already determined by the United Nations Security Council is for there to be two states: Israel and Palestine.

U.N. inertia on illegal settlements

This war has been going on for many years and three decades ago the Palestinians made important concessions, in the so-called Oslo Accords, which Israel has never complied with, and which guaranteed peaceful negotiations as a path to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, with internationally recognized borders.

Since then, not only has this promise been forgotten, but what little remains of Palestinian territory has been occupied by illegal settlements promoted by the Israeli state, in the face of inertia on the part of the United Nations.

This inertia has continued in the face of the daily attacks and humiliations that the Palestinian population suffers, including a routine of bombings and military incursions.

At the moment, the imperialist offensive is underway and Israel has declared all-out war on the Palestinians, threatening Gaza with unimaginable consequences.

The international media, as usual, treats the Palestinian action as terrorism while justifying any measures taken by Israel as self-defense. Israel expands its settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, has kept Gaza under a total blockade for 17 years and its army continues to cover up increasing settler attacks against Palestinians while invading communities and refugee camps like Jenin, killing and injuring.

All for Free Palestine! Zionist murderers out of Palestine and Gaza!
Long live Palestine!

Márcia Campos
– Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)
– Member of the National Political Commission of the PCdoB
– Deputy National Secretary for Women of the PCdoB
– International President of the International Women’s Democratic Federation WIDF (2002-2018)

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