March for Gaza at the National Mall, January 13

Workers World Party is an endorser and supporter of this National March for Gaza, initiated by major Muslim organizations in the U.S., on Saturday, January 13, and is  mobilizing to attend.

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) invites you to endorse and be part of the March on Washington for Gaza at the National Mall on Saturday, January 13th, 2024.

Main Demands:

  1. An Immediate and permanent cease-fire in Gaza

We demand an immediate and permanent cease-fire in Gaza. Over 21,000  Palestinians have been killed; 70% were women and children since October 7. With over 54,000 injured and approximately 1.8 million displaced in the last three months, the indiscriminate targeting of civilians by Israel must stop.

  1. Stop the unconditional U.S. funding of Israel’s genocide against Gaza and the occupation of Palestine

It is abundantly clear that Israel’s genocide in Gaza is funded and supported by the United States. The hundreds of millions of dollars in ammunition transfers since October 7, the back-and-forth shuttling of top-level U.S. officials to Israel, the positioning of U.S. aircraft carriers and the use of mercenaries have all been facilitated by the United States to bolster Israel’s murderous rampage in Gaza. We also firmly oppose current proposals in Congress to send an additional $14.3 billion worth of weapons to Israel while it massacres Palestinian children daily. We demand an immediate and complete end to all U.S. weapons transfers to Israel.

  1. Hold Israel accountable for war crimes committed against the Palestinian people and their continuous violations of international law 

Israeli leaders have been very explicit in their intent to commit genocide in Gaza. Top-ranked officials such as [Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu to lower-ranking government officials such as Galit Atbaryan have all called for the erasure of Gaza and the elimination of the Palestinian people.

We call on the International Court of Justice to investigate and charge Israeli leaders with crimes against humanity for their intent and committal of well-documented atrocities against the people of Gaza and Gaza’s civilian infrastructure such as homes, schools, hospitals, mosques/churches, universities, roads, water and power infrastructure.

We also call on the U.S. government to end their participation and complicity in Israel’s crimes against humanity and demand full and swift accountability for U.S. and Israeli officials involved in this genocide.

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