Zaid Almadi: ‘Palestine, I promise to help set you free!’

By Zaid Almadi

The following speech was delivered by Zaid Almadi — the youngest leader of the Boston Coalition for Palestine — at the group’s massive ‘No Christmas as Usual’ March for Palestine on Dec. 17, previously covered by Workers World. (

Zaid Almadi of the Boston Coalition for Palestine speaking in Downtown Crossing shopping district, Boston, Dec. 17, 2023.
WW photo: Steve Kirschbaum

Kids in Palestine, 

I’m sorry you have been suffering and your childhood has been taken away from you. 

I’m sorry to see you injured and murdered every day. 

I’m sorry your families are gone, your homes are destroyed, your bellies are empty, and the sight and smell of blood is everywhere. 

I am sorry that all the governments in the world have closed their eyes towards you, and I’m sorry the world failed you. 

We are of the same age, and there are many differences among us, yet the main one is: I am privileged and you are oppressed. I go to school to learn history, to learn math, to learn science. You learn how to boil sea water just so you can drink. You learn to use wood to make a fire just so you can be warm, and so you can be fed. 

All the kids in the world have so many chances to take, so many days to live; yet you, the kids in Palestine, you could be shot, you could be bombed or lose your life anytime. 

Oh kids in Palestine, your pain is my pain! When you are hurt, I am hurt, too. 

So I have made an agreement with myself. I said I will pray for you. I said I will yell for you, and lastly I said I will stand up for you to those who are wrong!

Now I want everyone here to make a promise with me and say: Palestine I promise to pray for you! [The crowd responds, “Palestine, I promise to pray for you!”] Say: Palestine I promise to chant for you! [The crowd responds, “Palestine, I promise to chant for you!”] And lastly say: Palestine, I promise to help set you free! [The crowd responds, “Palestine, I promise to help set you free!”]

My name is Zaid Almadi. As-salamu alaykum.

A video of Almadi’s inspiring and historic speech can be viewed at: 

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