PFLP calls for weekly global strikes on Mondays

The following statement was posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the Axis of Resistance on Dec. 17, 2023.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls for participation in the global strike, which was called for by forces in solidarity with our oppressed and struggling people for their freedom. The strike is scheduled for every Monday until the cessation of the aggression and genocide against our people.

The Front invites labor unions, professional associations, progressive forces, and supporters of our people around the world to engage in every possible effort to make this strike successful, expand its base and the scope of participation in it. It considers that every effort to harm the interests of the imperialist forces of aggression positively contributes to saving our people from the fires of barbaric genocide.

The duty today for all the free people of the world, especially the sons and daughters of the Arab nation, is to escalate pressure and protest using all means of struggle and its forms and tools, to strike the interests of the forces of aggression, besiege their embassies and bases, and prevent financial and military support to the Zionist entity that slaughters and besieges our people.

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