Mexico City
Not in Our Name denounces Israeli actions in Gaza

By Not in Our Name

Mexico City

Workers World’s position on Gaza, Palestine and Oct. 7 is in clear solidarity with the Palestinian resistance: The only terrorists are the Israeli state, the Zionist settlers and their imperialist supporters. We reproduce this statement signed by Jewish people from around the world, now living in Mexico, which was published in the Mexican daily newspaper La Jornada on Oct. 26 and illustrates the developing movement against Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Mexico City, Nov. 4, 2023. Banner reads ‘Jews against genocide and for a free Palestine.’

As Jews from different parts of the planet, we pronounce a resounding no, a not in our name, towards the policy of ethnic cleansing, of persistent massacre of the Palestinian population implemented by the government of Israel.

We condemn the inhumane reaction of the Israeli government to the brutal actions committed by the Palestinian organization Hamas – which is expressed in massive bombings on the Gaza Strip, a territory of 362 square kilometers [140 square miles], with 2 million inhabitants, half of whom are children and adolescents. Furthermore, we reject the siege imposed on that portion of the Palestinian territory for more than 15 years, which has denied the minimum conditions for a dignified life.

We demand: an immediate cease-fire, the exchange of prisoners, the unrestricted entry of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and a peaceful path to resolving the conflict that leads to the recognition of the state of Palestine by Israel and the entire world. Likewise, we demand the withdrawal of thousands of Jewish settlers from illegal settlements in the West Bank to end the annexation and enable true peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

The government of Israel has no right to violate the principles of social and moral justice of the Torah and the prophets. We repudiate the abusive use of religious symbols that the state makes for the sake of dispossession and massacre. As Jews we declare that the colonialist propaganda of the state of Israel and its criminal acts do not represent us.

Silvana Rabinovich, Margit Frenk, Eduardo Mosches, Marcos Límenes, Sandra Lorenzano, Claudio García Ehrenfeld, Gabriel Mosches, Sheerly Avni, Shlomo Ben Shimon, Camila Joselevich, Ari Volovich, Noemi Levy Orlik, Enrique Rajchenberg, Alan Roth and Jessica Beckerman.

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