Declaration by the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees

The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees is a Palestinian community feminist organization.

The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees condemns the continued and fierce aggression against the Gaza Strip and the indiscriminate attacks on civilians that have caused unprecedented damage, without the occupier taking into account the impact of the blockade imposed on the population since 2006. More than 2 million Palestinians in Gaza live in inhumane conditions and with high population density.

This blatant aggression against our people in Gaza resulted in the deaths of more than 770 martyrs, most of them women and children, and the displacement of more than 73,000 people from their homes. The women have lost their children and cannot find their bodies or give them a proper burial. Occupation forces also attacked schools and mosques where the displaced people had taken refuge.

Palestinian access to parts of their occupied lands is the result of the Palestinian people’s belief in their right to freedom, justice and self-determination, since they are a people under Zionist occupation. 

We appeal to all people of conscience around the world to support the Palestinian people and their just cause in their struggle against the Zionist occupation. We call on free nations to apply pressure on their governments to demand immediate and serious intervention to put an end to these massacres against our people.

Glory to the martyrs.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and independence.

Oct. 10, 2023 

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