International Women’s Alliance: Solidarity with Palestinian resistance against Zionist occupation!

This slightly edited statement was released on Oct. 12, 2023. 

The International Women’s Alliance’s members around the world offer our unwavering solidarity and support as Palestinians from all sectors of society militantly assert their right to freedom of movement, the release of Palestinian political prisoners, an end to the U.S.-backed Zionist occupation of Palestine, and a return to their homeland after 75 years of violent displacement.

On Oct. 7, the Gaza-led “Al-Aqsa Flood” took advantage of the Israeli government’s deep political crisis by mobilizing Palestinians in Gaza to launch a large-scale, coordinated attack against their occupier by air, land and sea. Palestinians in the West Bank and 1948 territories also mobilized to confront the brutal U.S.-backed Zionist occupation forces. 

While women know the terrible cost of war and mourn those who have been lost, it is clear that the revolutionary fervor of the Palestinian people continues to grow as the U.S-Israeli occupation becomes more brutal and oppressive — and it is our role to support to amplify their demands and to defend the justness of their actions!

Following their successful operations, Israel responded by calling the attacks “unprovoked” and declaring all-out war against Palestinians in Gaza. The U.S. promised unconditional support for Israel — deploying more ships, aircraft and munitions to support the illegal occupation of Palestine. 

Zionist settlers across Palestine have violently attacked and killed Palestinian women and children. These acts are a continuation of the 75-year Zionist occupation of Palestine and unrelenting aggression against the Palestinian people, and should be condemned by all freedom-loving people as unjust.

Palestinians have long recognized the important role of women in their resistance to occupation and in their fight for liberation. We salute the fearless women who have struggled against occupation for over 75 years — from Leila Khaled and the freedom fighters in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to the women who fought back and broke curfew to deliver bread and milk to neighboring villages during the first and second intifadas, to the 33 women being held in Israeli detention as political prisoners who join in hunger strikes and coordinated resistance, to the Palestinian women who are targeted, harassed, assaulted and killed by the Israeli military, and to the Palestinian women who fearlessly raise their children to carry on the demands of the movement to end Zionist occupation and to return freely to their homes.

Palestinian women reject the false narrative of a two-state solution and instead know that their liberation can only come through ending the military occupation of Zionist forces in all territories, and for the right of return to be realized for every Palestinian refugee living in exile. Women across the world must also unite together in solidarity against U.S. imperialism and violence against women in all its forms. Our unity globally is critical to advance the movement to oppose U.S. imperialist support for the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

The International Women’s Alliance is in unconditional support of the Palestinian resistance against Zionist genocide of the Palestinian people. As Israel continues to systematically use torture and sexual violence as threats against women political prisoners in the interrogation room, as Israel continues to illegally detain children in military prisons, as Israel continues to train its soldiers in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) to kill pregnant Palestinian women, as Israel continues to separate families, destroy homes, and create open air prisons for Palestinians, (it is clear) the only solution that Palestinians have today is to fight against their oppressors — to tear down the walls — and to win their liberation and right of return! 

Their actions are not unprovoked! Their actions are an act of liberation and revolution! The Palestinian people fighting against the Zionist state know their true enemy. Let us unite with them toward victory and return!

As women around the world facing various impacts of imperialism, we must be relentless in showing unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people as they continue their fight for freedom. We must continue the bold and unwavering fight to disarm Zionist forces once and for all! 

We can do this by building a broad and united movement against imperialism and opposing U.S. support to the Zionist state by building a broad and united movement of women against the most violent institutions which oppress us — and by building a broad, united movement that upholds and fights for the right of all people to land and life.

Viva Viva Palestina!

Long live the Intifada!

From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free!


The International Women’s Alliance is a global alliance of grassroots-based women’s organizations, institutions, alliances, networks and individuals committed to advancing the women’s movement in the 21st-century and in moving forward the liberation of women. For more information, visit IWA’s website at

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