PFLP statement on Al Aqsa Flood battle

The following statement was released on Oct. 7.

This is the day when the nature of the struggle and the dignity of the Arab nation are reclaimed.

Steadfast mountains from the ranks of the resistance have united in response to the call of Palestine, the call of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa, during which the essence of the conflict is reclaimed and the honor of the Arab nation is restored. They are determined to achieve a strategic victory over this enemy in a battle that will open the door to return and redefine the history of Palestine and the region.

Palestinian rally in Queens, New York, 2021

The Popular Front urges our heroic people across Palestine to actively participate in the Al-Aqsa Flood battle. Everyone from their respective positions and with the tools they possess, should attack the enemy’s army and its settlers, cut off its supply routes, sabotage its vital facilities, and pursue the terrified Zionist invaders in the face of resistance strikes, striking at them on every inch of Palestinian soil.

The Front emphasizes its call for everyone who bears arms, especially members of the [PA] Security Forces, to engage in the battle of the Palestinian people against their enemy and to take the natural position of every free Palestinian fighting for salvation from occupation, achieving the goals and rights of all our people.

The timing of the battle, coinciding with the glorious October War, is a call for the sons of the Arab nation and the peoples of the region to recognize their position in the overall conflict with the Zionist enemy and in this particular battle. They should carry out their duties alongside their fighting brothers in revolt in occupied Palestine.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Central Media Office

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