Countrywide actions on Starbucks Worker Solidarity Day

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Graphic: Starbucks Workers United

Called by Starbucks Workers United, Sept. 14 was a national day of solidarity with Starbucks workers in their union organizing drive. In the almost two years since Buffalo, New York, Starbucks workers organized the first store, over 350 stores have won union representation elections. Yet the union-hating corporation has not sat down and negotiated a single contract.

Service Employees Union (SEIU) Local 1 conducted petitioning outside a Starbucks store in Cleveland Heights. Most customers were happy to sign the petition demanding Starbucks stop its vicious union busting.

Members of the Buffalo Workers World Party branch came out alongside Starbucks workers and customers this week to support the union effort and educate the community about Starbucks’ war against its workers. Management called the cops, which it has done before, accusing a former Starbucks worker of “trespassing.” But the union showed it will not be intimidated. 

Pride at Work, the LGBTQ+ Constituency Group of the AFL-CIO, urged its members to join an action Sept. 14, pointing out that: “More than 60% of these workers identify as LGBTQ+. By attacking the workers organizing, Starbucks is attacking queer and trans workers as well.”

Actions took place from coast to coast on Sept. 14. Union strong!

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