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Workers World/Mundo Obrero newspaper cheers on the Amazon and Starbucks workers who are leading struggles to unionize their workplaces. These mainly young people of many nationalities and genders are in the forefront of the class struggle in the U.S. Their bold actions have sparked an upsurge of worker-led union drives in other companies and industries. Their bravery in defying vicious corporate union busting is inspiring workers around the country.

Workers rally in Philadelphia, July 20, 2023, supporting SAG-AFTRA strike. WW Photo: Joe Piette

This newspaper has closely followed and featured the organizing drives of Amazon and Starbucks workers and recent unionization campaigns at Trader Joe’s, Chipotle, REI, Apple and other companies.

On this year’s Labor Day, WW expresses solidarity with these workers, all those celebrating union pride on this day, and the unorganized and low-wage earners who are fighting for workplace rights and a union. We laud the workers, especially young people, women, other gender-oppressed and LGBTQ2S+ individuals, immigrants and Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Arab and disabled people, who are fighting for all workers.

WW joins with the actors and other SAG-AFTRA members and writers in WGA now on strike against profit-seeking billionaire studio owners. The newspaper supports auto workers who are fighting to reverse concessions when their contracts expire Sept. 14. Our pages write of health care workers, longshore workers, graduate students, and many more who stage walkouts and other protests to demand better wages and working conditions and RESPECT.

Since Workers World’s first issue in 1959, the newspaper has featured coverage of workers’ struggles. Our newspaper is partisan, siding with workers and oppressed people fighting for their rights against capitalist bosses. The struggles of our class are covered in our pages and in our biweekly column “On the Picket Line.” Not only does WW write about worker organizing, but our writers and staff members join picket lines and rallies!

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Since the early 1990s, the fund has sponsored workers.org, where news and analysis of global and domestic issues and struggles are posted continually. The website is a resource for political activists. It contains first-hand accounts by writer-activists in many countries, translated by our staff. Timely articles written by writer-organizers keep the newspaper current on union drives and worker activism, as well as anti-war, anti-racist, women’s, LGBTQ2S+ and other progressive movements.

While WW’s staff members are volunteers, the 12 issues printed and shipped each year and the website incur expenses. Although many online publications require payments to read their articles, WW does not. Our articles are free to all readers.

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