Antiwar statement from inside Ukraine

The statement below is from the Union of Political Emigrants and Political  Prisoners of Ukraine to the March 18 antiwar rally organizers and “to all participants of the peace-supporting events in the U.S. and the E.U. on March 18 and after.” 

Dear Friends!

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Dear comrades in UNAC and other peace-supporting groups who initiated the event of March 18!

The Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine endorses your brave effort for peace in Ukraine!

Recently, we have formed a news agency under the name “M.A.R.T. Corp.” to reflect our position from Ukraine and Russia to progressive forces abroad.

The news agency M.A.R.T. Corp. expresses an independent view from the broad circles of the Ukrainian people who are opposed to the Kiev authorities. We wholeheartedly welcome and support the launch of a major campaign by the public of the United States and other countries for peace in Ukraine, in particular, the event of March 18.

For our part, we are looking for opportunities to express the opinion of Ukrainian citizens in support of the movement for peace in Western countries and ask them to voice the following points of our views at your event:

  1. The Kiev regime uses chemical weapons in the conflict zone in Ukraine, in violation of all existing conventions on the prohibition of chemical weapons. This may provoke asymmetrical retaliatory measures on the part of Russia.
  2. At the same time, U.S. President Joe Biden is inflating the Pentagon budget to the detriment of U.S. residents. The ruling circles of the United States are curtailing a number of projects to support socially vulnerable segments of the population, primarily people of color and the unemployed.
  3. The regime of dictator Zelensky in Ukraine is based on power dictatorship and repression. Dictator Zelensky, for the sake of preserving his undivided power, wants to drag the NATO countries and the European Union together with the United States, into an all-out war with Russia, where there will be no winner.
  4. If peace is established in Ukraine, the dictatorship of Zelensky is over! The Kiev regime has no interest in peace in Ukraine.

The present-day U.S. and British politics of sanctions must end! The sanctions do not stop the conflict. They [serve] to prolong the conflict in Ukraine for the benefit of ruling elites in the U.S. and Britain!

We ask you to voice these views and, if possible, depict one or more of these points on your posters.

This will express your solidarity with the struggle of the Ukrainian opposition for peace in Ukraine and show the dictatorial regime of Kiev that the opposition is alive and capable of action and not completely destroyed in the dungeons of the Kiev security forces, in bloody repressions and prisons!

Later, having received from you links, photos and videos of your event, where the views of the Ukrainian opposition were demonstrated, transmitted from M.A.R.T. Corp., we can distribute these photos and videos among the broad circles of the Ukrainian public, crushed by official propaganda, to clearly demonstrate support for our position from the people of the United States and other countries of the West.

Our great and warmest wishes for success in your struggle and with great wish for peace,

The Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine

M.A.R.T. Corp. news agency

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